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June 9, 2009

Quote for Today,Flying Hearts Applique, Beloga Sewing Machine,Vanessa Carlton,My Word Doodle,Cool Quilty Things I love,Your Color Fix for Today

Flying Hearts
Just a little applique fun we had in a swap on my Fairie Goddess Mother Yahoo Group. I had alot of fun making these and I received a bunch of other cool one's too!

Not Your Grandmother's Sewing Machine
I am a Bernina Girl, but I thought you would love to see this really cool sewing machine design. It's not in production just yet! Kinda reminds me of what the Jetson's would use! (Remember the Jetson's?)

belOga comes with a big "O", and an even bigger circular touch-screen which replaces the usual scheme of buttons and controls. This sewing machine concept was designed by Kristine Br├╝ckner, an industrial design graduate from the Munich's University of Applied Sciences with an impressive portfolio.

Apart from its less than ordinary shape, the belOga makes sewing more fun. By laying in a spool of thread the machine automatically conducts the thread through the machine - all you have to do is put the thread through the needle to get started. The centre display allows you to see what the stitch will look like in advance, this means less unpleasant stitching surprises. You can even enjoy the inner life of the belOga through two little lenses on the side of the body.

Kristine notes that the belOga is notyet in production, so feel free to drop her a message ( if you know anyone who is not afraid to spice up the backstage of fashion!


Vanessa Carlton

You know her. You've heard her. Click here to listen

Vanessa is from my town, Milford Pa and she came to grace the stage at the Milford Music Fest with her music and beautiful voice. We are very proud of her. The Milford Music Fest is free and we have brought in some amazing big names. The town transforms into a playground for music and art lovers. I took loads of pics and just hurried up some to post here.

Another song: Stevie Nicks and Vanessa Carlton. Click here

My Word Doodle for : Trees
I know, I posted my doodle for trees on my last post, but I couldn't stop. I haven't painted this in yet, but I thought of looking through cracked glass onto a beautiful tree. I'll post the colored version soon!
You can learn more by clicking on the cow icon on the right side of the page.

I just LOVE these vintage treadle machine posters!

Cool Quilting, Fabricy thing I love

I could not resist sharing these with you, Has anyone made these?
Oh please share!!!

I wonder if you can erase this fabric, recolor
and have a new outfit for the next time???



Leslie said...

Awesome machine, like a work of art. Love your colours for today.

My thoughts and love are with you.. Take care of you!

Sherri D said...

Where do you get all your colorful pictures for your blog??? I love visiting and don't really want to know as it is one of my favorite things to discover fresh and new on YOUR blog. :D
Thinking of you a LOT today! hugs hugs hugs, me

ooglebloops said...

I love your trees - this post and last!!! And that zentangle/doodle dress - where did you find that picture??? Very cool!

Linda M. Poole said...

Leslie....Thank you and I too, think that machine is a cutie.

Sherri - Never gonna tell where I get my colors...hehehe...

ooglebloops - Isn't that dress just to cool???

Anonymous said...

Love love love the color fix. Like the words for you...the color fix is a quilting prompt. One of these days I'll actually get to do something with the prompt. =-0


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