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March 3, 2010

Baby Slippers,Studio Make-over Continues,What to do,Classes,Quilty Stuff, Buttons,Your Color Fix

It snowed so much here in my little town of Milford, PA. So much that I thought it would never stop. Thank goodness for being a creative mind. If I didn't have so many ideas, dreams and projects to keep me busy, I am sure one could easily go crazy. So with that said,and all the white stuff surrounding my home....The Show Must Go On....

I have loved these little baby slippers for a long time now and finally made Grand-baby Gabriella a couple pairs. Thankfully my friend Sue was there to help me decipher directions and figure out the elastic part!

The Studio Make Over Continues.....
I am so happy that I am at the point where I can fine t
une all the fussy stuff to make this studio/office perfect for me. I was in the store Bed,Bath and Beyond and saw these "under the cabinet" lights. There are 4 light heads that each contain 3 LED's which last 100,000 hours!!! They swivel and pivot...perfect! AAA batteries are needed, but with 100,000 hours, I don't see me replacing them soon. They work great and I am going to get a couple more for the rest of the cabinets.
What to do while waiting for the pup to do her business
You can make mini snowmen with buttons for the eyes and nose, a strip of fabric for the scarf and the hat is tinfoil! I easily amuse myself.
Or...when you are done with your coffee and the pup isn't done yet cause she is more interested in everything but doing her business.....You can make coffee cup snow cones.

Turn your cup over and you can make a little fort around your home
Yes, this is Mz. Zoie and now you can see why it takes her so long.....

If you live in the Toledo, Ohio area and are free on March 19 AND 20th....come take a class with me at Sonflower Quilt Shop. Click on the picture and you can get all the specifics on the shop, directions and phone number. I hope to see you there.....really, I do!
The classes will be: Modena; an Italian Balcony and Tulip Time

At the end of last year, my quilt guild had a little yard sale. I bought this porcelain thimble container for $1.00. It stand 6" tall and the top comes off......great place for my spare change!

Quilty Stuff I Love to Share with You

What to Do with Your Buttons?
Since purging out my sewing room for its make-over, I couldn't part with some of the neat wooden cigar boxes. I got my button box out, poured Elmer glue on top and lay down some buttons and beads. I waited till that dried a
nd got my Modge-Podge out and gave the top of the buttons a good glazing. Drilled holes in the top,beaded a cord and inserted that into the holes for a little handle. Had a stray tassel, so I added that too. Now what do I put inside of it? I can think of a 100 things!


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