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August 20, 2009

Zoie, Inside My Classroom, What do you do with...,Mini blast from the past, You Color Fix for Today

Hello everyone! It seems forever since my last post ( 3 weeks!), but I have had my head buried in designing and soon I can tell you what that all means...just make sure to stay tuned to my blog ...wink wink.

I usually need to give some though to what I want as my first picture when I post, but I knew I wanted to start with these great tiles for some inspiration. I LOVE the color combo (notice the, I mean red grout), I love the simplicity of the design and oh how I wish I had these in my home.
Before we get to the quilty,sewing,fiber stuff....little Zoie has been begging for her spot here. If you remember not that long ago when she was a wee baby, she claimed the title as my assistant and I have neglected to show her updates on how big she has gotten. If only we all could "Live what we Love" just as little Zoie does everyday.
Yes, Zoie still has a big head....ya gotta love it! She really is a great doggie that I love dearly. She behaves perfectly, listens well and makes me smile and belly laugh every single day. She's a corgi for sure.....and they are known to be clowns, and she is most definitely a clown!
Zoie is learning to fetch a frisbee. She's getting the hang of it and has caught a few in the air, but I am thinking that since the frisbee is bigger than her head and 1/2 as long as her body, it make take her awhile. She doesn't think so though. She is GREAT at bringing it back for a little treat.
Ok....onwards to:


Class: Floral Delights
Location: MAQ Retreat in Maryland.
Meet Jennifer DeCamp from Chantilly, VA
Jennifer never , ever appliqued in her life before and actually is not a fan of hand work,and she most certainly let me know this from the beginning, and the middle of class !!! I am sporting a huge grin here. Jennifer is a great student. Attention to detail, wanting to learn about colors, contrast and a general all over beautiful piece. She worked hard........
and at the end of class she told me she LOVED applique, loved hand applique! WOOHOOOOO!!! And the next day she brought in her whole piece totally finished. Kudo's to you Jennifer....can't wait to see the Panda and Baby done from the pattern you purchased! See ya next year.
Love, love this funky vase.

Happy, bright yellow back I only wish I remembered to pull my camera out before everyone left at the end of class.
Now that smile tells me this is one super duper student.
One thing I promise is that if you never appliqued, you will be after my classes. Look at all that got done in this full day class!
And from the BeeHive class......
Class: The BeeHive
Location: MAQ Retreat in Maryland

I get lots and lots of young and upcoming quilters and a huge applause to those, moms, grandma's and friends that introduce the younger generation to quilting.

The BeeHive Class in part hand and part machine applique and the introduction to making 1/8" bias tape for your beehives......very students can testify!

And a spoof played on a student. She signed up for my class a long time before the retreat. Again, another non appliquer....I am smiling again! Her mom and 2 sisters also were taking classes at retreat and bought this lawn ornament and hid it in the car trunk. At lunch time, she was bestowed with a Beehave sign. I LOVE IT.
We had a blast teasing and laughing over how she was being dubbed by family as the queen bee.
WHAT DO YOU DO WITH......??????
What do you do with......
Spare Time

Whip up a car cozy??? Especially for that ferrari parked in your garage!
What do you do with......
Extra blocks
Modge Podge it on a suitcase! Cute!!!
What do you do with......
Extra Yarn and Time
Hang out at the pier and crochet???? Hmmmm
What do you do with......
Wooden Spools

Make a little family...great projects for kids and of course for all us creative types
What do you do with......

Make a super cool ironing board of course!
I LOVE this idea. If you want to know all the particulars.....hop over (after you read my blog of course!) to The Married Squirrels blog and check out their tutorial.
What do you do with......
Extra Hoops

Hoop up fabric for little bulletin this idea for that hard to cut fabric!
What do you do with......
Wall Plates
Cover them with fabric...great idea!

Mini Blast from the Past
A minor interruption from funny canine photos......
(This is a corgi...just like Zoie)

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