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July 16, 2009

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I just absolutely love this little wooden sewing machine. What a great way to expose the little ones to sewing. You can own one of these little babies too! These works of art are loving created with much thought and expertise right here.

A Sewing Machine that Sews Music?

Imagine, you are at a party and the Dj is playing your tunes, a good mix, a perfect set, music you never want to forget, no problem! You can wear that music because this machine can stitch the full Dj-set visual on a t-shirt for you. So don’t wonder if you see a busy black sewing machine next to Dj turntables in your club in near future! Sounds Butter is an interactive Design group who came up with the idea to visualize sound with a sewing machine through the height of the stitches it creates. Before you clap your hands to order your super looper sound stitchi machine you have to be patient, because at this stage it is just a prototype.

Check it out here

Never ever would I have thought that a quilt could be re-purposed into shoes.
Terra Plana are pleased to introduce the ultimate in high heel court shoes. The Melito is not only lightweight but flexible, unheard of in a double mount shoe! A sexy super high heel shoe that's good for you? Can it be true? Yes it can! Made from vegetable tanned leathers and with a recycled memory foam lining this shoe is the ultimate in high heel comfort.
Melito Multi Quilt is made from recycled Pakistani quilts making each pair unique and not necessarily what is pictured.



Scrap artist
Danny Mansmith combines disparate elements in fabric, paper, photography, and thread into structural forms and tableaux. Danny Mansmith connects the unrelated

I just love this positive thought. So many possibilities and so beautifully stated.

I love sewing and have plenty of material witnesses. ~Author Unknown

Read great quotes releated to all kinds of needlework when you click on:

Some of the most amazing, quirky and interesting things are out there related to sewing and quilting. I sit here and am still amazed that there is a sewing machine that will sew out music in the prototype stage. Thank goodness for creative and inventive people. I would never had thought there was something out there like this. So this wraps up my blog for you today, I hope you enjoyed and if you like what you see and read, spread the word.

Tell your friends to come by and visit and above all, if you have something you found or know that is quilty or sewing related and a little out of the norm, let me know and I'll post it right here.
Havre the best day ever,

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