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January 16, 2009

What Inspired Designer Hearts

I am always asked in class or a lecture "Where did you get your ideas to design your quilts?" My answer is quite easy. I always have my eyes opened to the small details when I go anywhere. Having my camera by my side at all times, I can easily click a picture of something that may inspire me. "Designer Hearts" came from the endless balconies and iron scroll works that I saw in Europe. This one particular design seemed to be quite popular anywhere I went. Since I am a HUGE lover of bias tape, I knew that the designs I saw would lend well to bias tape, or as I like to call it "bended Bias" patterns. I love Bias tape so much that I even wrote a whole quilt book (Bended Bias to Applique) on different way to use it to achieve pretty additions to your applique without it looking like stained glass. So make sure that when you go somewhere, keep your head tilted upwards, you just may see a beautiful scroll work balcony that will call for a quilt to be made!!

January 14, 2009

Inspired by Windmills

I am always inspired by everyplace I go, and always have my camera in hand. I am so fortunate that I get to travel to some wonderful places in this world from being an International Quilt Instructor. But this time, in the pictures that I posted, I was in Germany with my parents. It was their 50th anniversary and with all the frequent flyer miles that I have racked up, I thought I would bring them to Paris, France, Germany, and Italy. You see, I am a first generation American with parents from Europe, so I get to go to Europe often to see my families there. My dad (from Northern Germany) was brought up with windmills all around where he lived. This is one of them, and I loved how the surrounding homes would have windmill designs bricked right into their homes. Makes wonderful quilt designs, huh? Thought you would think that! So...I am working on a new quilt lecture that will incorporate designs that are all around us everywhere we go. Feel free to use these 2 windmill designs in a quilt block and send me a picture ( just may have your quilt block in my next lecture! Cool, huh?
So, tell your friends to see this design and join in!!!

January 13, 2009

Needing a Color Fix Today

I am going to take a gamble and think that I am not the only one that gets a little tired of the winter? I do love the winter, but it has some tiny notice I did say the word "tiny". I am a person that NEEDS color in her life. I can find it anywhere really....magazines, blogs, fabric....but I cherish the colors that Mother Nature gives to us and just lately the skies have been so grey, the daylight ends much to quickly for me and I think I will just chalk this up to some Winter Blues! I love my camera and it goes everywhere with me when I travel or just go outside. I also love taking pictures of juicy colors that I find. This picture I took in Venice, Italy. I loved how they arranged this window and I started to think of how easy a quilt could be made from this. All I would need to do is dye some white gloves and applique them down. Has anyone ever made a quilt with real gloves?? Would love to hear if you have! ~Linda
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