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January 5, 2010

Fabric Strike-offs are here! Zoie of course! Quilty coats for your pooch,Repurposing your scraps and quilts,Your Color Fix for Today

The Fabric Strike-offs are here!!! So what is a strike off you ask? It is the final stages of making sure "everything" is perfect before the fabric actually gets printed at the mill, bolted, put on a ship and arrives in the fabric shops. I was so excited to open the package and see what my drawings and artwork would really look like on fabric.

This is my very first collection with Avlyn Fabrics. If you like the sparkle of metallic....
Iridescence has it!

It's just like writing a book. When ever I write a quilting book and send in the manuscript....time goes by and I may not see the book published for a year and by that time I am on to the next book.
Fabric is very much the same.
Here I am showing you my first collection and I am already working on my 3rd! I hope you like what you see here. A few tweaks on my part and then it gets printed.

I feel it's lively, happy,whimsical and will bring a smile to any quilter who will use it. Has your fabric shop ordered it yet? If not, send them to my blog to see and then tell them to go to Avlyn Fabrics to order.
When it arrives in the shops and at my home, I will be launching a contest.... stay tuned!WooooHoooo

How to meld a households passions???
My sweetie is an avid fly fisherman. I was ecstatic when I was at Houston Festival and saw this lasercut quilt holder. I special ordered the size and voila! fly fishing and quilting together. Perfect.'s Zoie time as so many of you have watched her grow in her first year. This is my little corgie girl with her beloved lamb toy, the only one she hasn't de-fluffed, ripped or shredded. How angelic does she look here? Hmmmft.

If your looking for a great tutorial on making a quilted poochie coat...go to the blog on the pics.....I just may have to make one for Zoie!'ll see why.....


Barbara Wisnoski is amazing...just visit her blog by clicking on her name and you will know just what to do with those scraps that seem to grow and grow.....and grow!


Cover a bench! by refurbiture

Or Country Living Magazine shows these beautiful basket liners


Hope you enjoyed your time here. I love to get puleez leave a comment right here!
If you are a quilt shop and need a brochure from me!
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