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April 15, 2009

Tulip Time,Doodles,Thimbles,Quilted Cars,Girl Scout Quilt BadgeYour color fix and Zoie

I'm leaving for the Original Sewing and Quilt Expo in Worchester, MA and have all my kits done and just about everything packed to go. Here is the 3rd class I'll be teaching called "Tulip Time". I love this class. It is always a "cheer-me-up" type of class after a long cold winter!
My mom likes to make some of my designs in a different color and since she loves pink, what better than a pot of pink tulips! I'm a little behind in my doodles for my word doodle group over at Jaye's blog, but none the less, here is my doodle for the word "SPRING". I didn't have anything in mind, just pulled out my sharpie black marker and colored pencils and my mind led my hand to draw vines, leaves and happy flowers....oh and that silly little Spring bird! Please come join us over at Jaye's and doodle away with us, just click on Clara the Cow icon to the right of the pages!!!


I loved putting the little happy faces on these makes me giggle. I just may make a happy little spring quilt from this.
And this is how the doodle me just writing "Spring" a few times till the drawing came out from my head and through my fingers.
I hope you look at this little graphic! The colors in itself inspire me and the simplicity makes me happy.I truly do hope that something little you may see today or tomorrow will inspire you to make something....anything....everyday!
I am still on my quest to find different, funny, bizarre, comical, 3-D thimbles from you. Do you have any? Do you know someone that collects thimbles? I need your pics!!!! I am working on an articles about the different thimbles out there and I know that there just has to be some very exotic, not so norm thimbles out there. Oh...and if you have the largest thimble collection out there...let me know that too. Email me
Ask your neighbors, your aunts, uncles, relatives, guild members...anyone!!! I can only do this with your help. More info on the previous post.

I am fascinated in just about everything. I especially love when people and groups do that one thing that is "over the top"....and my hat's off to these amazing, adventurous people who made these quilted car coverings!!!! I wish I could only see them in person.

So....if it's three layers and quilted....can you enter these in a quilt show???
And I guess if your stranded and it gets can just peel this off and snuggle under it??
This must be one "quilty" event in this can even see the quilts hanging from balconies!

Did you know that the Girl Scouts even have a "Quilt" badge? They have a project called "Quilt-It" here to check it out.I was a girl scout and I remember how hard I worked for my badges and how exciting it was to receive them.

I just had to share this with you. I think these little felt acorns are adorable. I especially liked that the felted part was put into real acorn caps! Oh...and a little weird "Linda" trivia.....I can take an acorn cap, press it to my lips and whistle through my fingers with it. Can you?
How many of you have ever painted quilt designs on a chair? Send me a pic and I'll post it when I get a few!

NINE PATCHES...that's what I see on this about you?
Zoie's quest to find a "Big Girl" food and water bowl
Disclaimer: Zoie's mom takes no responsibility for the opinions of this little big, long puppy corgi. All remarks are solely Zoies. Linda knows you may own some of these doggie bowls...but again...these are the thoughts, opinions and remarks of Ms. Zoie.

Hi there everyone. Mom and I have been discussing my bowls. On the 17th, I am officially 7 months old and I think it's time I get "new" dog bowls. I am still eating out of my puppy bowls and I make a mess. I need bigger bowls, but mom says I need special ones, pretty ones and she hasn't been doing a thing about getting any. Maybe you all could give her a push to get her tush out there and buy me some??? You can see by my picture that I am growing, not taller but longer....and I am "ready" for some new doggie bowls. Here are some that mom is looking at. I'll let you know what I think of them.
Now would you eat with a big painted picture of a human in your dish?'s a cute bowl, but every time I get to the bottom of my food, I may frighten myself with looking at another dog. Just put a mirror in the bottom of my bowl and it would be the same as this one.
Mom likes this one. Again, would you eat with a big human hand print in your soup bowl?? I know I'm a pup already, I don't have to be reminded.

I already told Mom "NO" to this looks to much like my stuffed animal and I would get in trouble if I started to play with it.
I'm in trouble enough these days!

I think this would be more appropriate for mom when she is serving Margarita's to her friends. Mom squealed when she saw this one, and then reminded herself that I would gnaw on the lime. Funny how silly things amuse you humans!

Again.....scary. I would finish up my food and then I get to see another dog with a bone. Not gonna happen. I am the "ONLY" dog who gets bones in this house!

I already know the difference between "water" and my "food".
It's a no brainer to us dogs!

Mom LOVES these bowls and I do too. Her only problem is picking a color. I say she goes for the orangey one since it's her favorite color and the light brownish one for my water.....what do you think???? Now all she has to do is go out there and get them....sigh....maybe if I keep making a big mess with my food, she'll get the hint that I'm ready for a big dog doggie bowl!!! ~Zoie
Thanks everyone for stopping by my blog. I really love finding some of the unusual things out there and bringing them into your world. If you like my blog, tell your friends to stop by. You can always sign up to receive my blog in your email or be a's all on the right side of this page and please leave a comment if you like! Be good, have fun and go create something!!! ~Linda

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