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January 24, 2009

Obama Fabric Designs

It's truly amazing that we just had our 44th
President sworn in and lo' and behold, there is fabric to commemorate this.

Heather Moore of Skinny Laminx lives in Cape Town, South Africa, and works as an illustrator, designer and writer. A while back, she had some fun and photo shopped U.S. president-elect Barack Obama into an African commemorative cloth design, which is the first photo you see.

The fabric is designed by Heidi Chisholm, and produced by Cape Town company Shine-shine (no website). Orders can be placed with Tracy Rushmere at I don't know much more about this, but I wanted to share some of the new stuff that's happening out there in "Fabric".

January 23, 2009

A Rose is a Rose is a "Royal Rose"

I just had to show off a beautiful quilt from one of my students! It sounds so silly to call my mom one of my students! Mom taught me needlework, and in turn, as the years passed, I taught my mom to applique. It's a passion we both share and I couldn't resist to show all of you her beautiful interpretation from one of the Rose patterns in my book "Bended Bias Applique"
We both love Roses and I was so proud of my mom for breaking tradition and using purples for these flowers. Many of you may have already met my mom. Many times when I am on the road traveling to a guild to lecture to teach a workshop, mom will come with me if it is in driving distance from my home. She brings lots of laughter to the classroom, and it doesn't hurt to have an extra hand helping me pass kits out and hold quilts. She is a prolific and methodical quilter and one of my best pattern testers. So, as much as I enjoy seeing her work, I hope all of you do too!

January 21, 2009

Tutorial: Perfect Circles for Applique

January 19, 2009

As Mary Tyler Moore would say.....

I was looking through some photos today and remembered when I was teaching in Minneapolis, Minnesota, one of the guild members took me on a great tour of the city. I knew the Mary Tyler Moore statue was erected there and I was going to be cheeky and drape my quilt over her and take a pic. I grew up watching the show and just loved Mary. I loved she had a cool apartment with funny friends and she gave hope to women living on their own and making a living. I always loved the opening of the show when she threw her hat up in the air and the song "We're Gonna Make it After All" would be playing. Just as I was reminiscing, I thought about tomorrow... the day our country will swear in a new President with many hopes and dreams that many, many Americans hold dear within their hearts. Tomorrow is a great day, a day of optimism for a great new future. President- elect Obama, I pray for the courage you have and can only hope that nothing will hold back your visions to make us a whole nation once again. I look forward to this new beginning...because....WE GONNA MAKE IT AFTER ALL !!!
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