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April 6, 2010

My wish-What came in the Mail-Best Press-I've been busy sewing-Modena-Gabby-Quilty Things-Your Color Fix

My Wish
.....for no more snow until the winter. Now that's not asking for too much is it? It has snowed here in NE Pennsylvania in APril, but the weather has been summer like and all I can say....NO MORE SNOW. I feel better now.

What Came in My Mail...
Quilters Home magazine. YAY! Ya know what? I like it, no...I love it. I love on the first page that the two co-editors Jake and Melissa addressed the situation with us about what happened. Jake and I go way back. We are both Bernina Educators and met in Chicago at Bernina Headquarters for their seminars. She is a talented young lady. I really don't see any difference in the copy except that Mark isn't in it anymore, but I really do wish him well in his new endeavors. He is a character, a funny one at that. QH still makes me laugh, and I still read it cover to cover.
Some of the articles I loved in it....

And one of my really fave articles was on Matt Sparrow, the other half of the 2010 Quilting Couple of the year (in my opinion). They are parents of 8 children (cutie pies), Matt is a long arm quilter and his wife Bradie teaches and creates patterns. How they do it all I will never know or understand!
I must sing the charms of BEST PRESS. I am not a starch fan, but OMG this stuff is fantastic. While teaching at Sonflowers Quilt Shop in Sylvania, Ohio, the two gal owners had me use it. I am now a fan for life. I swear by it!!!

I've been a little busy myself. I designed another line of fabric, booking guilds to teach for,and so on and so on. I also wanted to make myself a table runner with all the nice weather we have been having. I wanted something in Spring colors. This time I just wanted a pattern. No designing, just wanted to be normal for once and make it, quilt it and put it on the table. I bought this little $10.00 kits at Sonflower Quilts. All the fabric and very easy instructions came with it. I even had a little bit of fabric left over to make a teeny quilt to put on the other table. It was alot of fun for me.
Click on "THIS" and you too can get a little kit from them.

I had fun quilting this little bugger!
While teaching there, they set up a nice little display with my Quilted Fairie Tale Book Quilts. They are super people.

One of the classes was Modena;an Italian Balcony. They girls did a magnificent job. This is the gal who owns the blog " I HAVE A Notion.blogspot" You need a notion, they have it!

Grandbaby Gabriella's newest picture
I couldn't resist giving you an updated picture. I can't believe Gabby is going to be ONE year old at the end of June. Where has the time gone?

Quilty-Sewy Things i Like


Keep coming first line "Iridescence" will be in the stores any day now and I will be having a contest....I hope you put your thinking caps on!
On the top of my blog is a Google Search, you can type in "Iridescence" and the fabric line will show up!
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