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June 16, 2010

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*Remember to put that piece of fabric under my sewing machine
foot in the down position when not sewing (but why?)*

Remember to clean out all the fuzzies that accumulate in my sewing machine*

*Change my sewing machine needle more often*

*Buy a spare light bulb for my sewing machine*

*Work with a light on when sewing on my machine*

*Bring my machine in for maintenance more often*

*Remember to get up and stretch more often when sewing*

Water Lilies Class
with the Grand Strand Quilters Guild in Myrtle Beach, SC
hese gals were alot of fun to be with and they worked hard on their water lily, despite the heat. Our air conditioner was broke in the workshop room, but the upside is we had a huge fan. I think it was the hottest day of the year to date in SC. But ya know what? Laughing, chattering and learning makes you forget the heat and everyone did a fantastic job. There are 2 more smaller water lilies to the project and I know these gals were all determined to get a good jump start on their quilts!

Click on the picture to go get the tutorial at Sugar Bee's Blog on how to make this super-sized or whatever size you want "thread rack". It just makes so much sense!

How cute is this button headband? Over at Little Miss Momma's blog, she has the tutorial for you to make one...or two..or...

Let me ask you....
"Would you pass up this window if you saw it?"

The UK brand ALL SAINTS opened its second st
and alone store in the US in Miami Beach last December. If you like fashion I'm sure you saw already thousands of blogs and posts about it, the clothes are pretty and different...but what it calls everybody's attention is the store decorations.... literally hundreds of vintage sewing machines and clothing factory equipment are exhibit and used as display for the clothes and windows.

Read more HERE

(Do you still darn?)
Michael Swaine has been travelling through London knocking on doors and offering to darn people's socks. He is asking them to fill out a "Door to
Door Darning Survey" and at the same time he is using it as an entré to try to talk to them about clothes mending and if and how they do it.
Read more of this ingenious man by clicking HERE


Kathy Newman Fridy is always a must read blog for me. I am in awe of her painted quilt animals.She an interior designer and fiber artist/quilter/teacher who juggles this multi-tasking creative career path with being a mom to two amazing young boys, wife of 16 years to a great guy, and caretaker of various canine and aquatic pets. Click on the cat to go to her blog!

I just love this bowl

Addictive Fun
I saved this link for the end. If I had let you see this link earlier...well, you probably wouldn't finish reading my blog entry. Really!

Make sure to click on the icons in this link.
Some of the "fun" that appears, you will need to click and hold and drag around!

Grab the edges of the paper and have a ball!

This is my dad, my artistic muse, my confidant, my rock, my voice of reason.
He changed my diapers as a baby, brushed my hair, danced with me, introduced me to classical music, taught me to change my spark plugs, mow the lawn, plant flowers and a vegetable garden.
He tells great jokes, is the kindest man I know, and taught me about history and geography.
He gave me my wanderlust for travel, to love art, being positive, to love the water.
*He always has a smile when you see him.*
*He is always inventing something, or has an easier way to do things.*
He sneaked me peanut butter and jelly sandwiches when mom made me sit at the dinner table for not eating my vegetable, or ate them for me when mom wasn't looking.
(Oops..You knew that mom, right?)
He put up with my teenage years, not an easy task.
And, my dad always believed in me, encouraged me and didn't blink an eye when I said I wanted to be an artist when I grew up.
I LOVE YOU daddy, with all my heart and all that I am.

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