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June 13, 2009

Bended Bias Applique ,Make Something,Your Quotes for Today,Quilty Things I Like,Your Color Fix for Today

There is nothing more exciting than when a student you have taught in class comes back to show you there finished quilt! This is exactly what happened to me while teaching in Houston about 6 months after I had taught a guild in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia. So in honor of all my students who finish their class quilt and email or show me when it is done, I pass on to you a very nice discount on Bended Bias Applique until the end of July,'09. Reg. price-$22.95 and now for a short time only -$18.00 plus $2.00 media mail shipping in the USA. Out of country, please email me.
Paypal is accepted:

Bended bias is more than stained-glass, it’s as a designer bias tape that can have diverse functions: outlining applique designs, edging pieced patterns or blocks, emphasizing open areas in scroll work or frames.
This book begin with basics: quick and easy method for making bias, applique it, circles and ovals, and quilt around bias.
Then 35 nature-inspired patterns and 6 frames patterns can be used with bended bias.

When was the last time you made something for yourself?
I am sure so many of you are like me. We make things for everyone but ourselves.
On my personal
"To Do List", I have included a couple things for "me". I am going to make a little demi-tasse pincushion from a broken set that was my triple great aunts..... and a root beer float. Sounds good now, doesn't it?


I have always loved this weather vane....but is it a weather vane?It's on top of one of the neatest homes near where I live. My little sleepy town of Milford, PA becomes alive in the summer time. It is a haven for the city folk to escape the rat race and enjoy all the mountains, water holes and Delaware river has to offer.In September 2007, Budget Travel Magazine named Milford, Pennsylvania, second on its list of "Ten Coolest Small Towns in America".

I went garage sale-ing with my friend Laura today and she bought this most amazing antique rocker that us short people can touch our toes to the floor kind. I wonder if I can talk her into recovering it with a quilt top.....I'll let ya know if she does it and of course post a pick!
Aren't these the coolest quilty pieces of furniture?

I wonder if this was really intended to be used as a tent??? I think it looks awesome, why not, right?


Thanks again everyone for stopping in to take a peek here! Summer is in full force here in PA and I am looking forward to dipping my feet into some of the many watering holes here at the base of our waterfalls. Backpack,lemonade and cookies. That's what makes me happy on a summer day and of course my lil pup trotting along with me. I hope you come back and visit oftern. I love to read and answer comments too:


Leslie said...

As always, Linda, a treat for the senses.

The only reason I would live in PA again is to play in the Delaware, I do miss that...

Betweens said...

i just love the furniture!! it is so gorgeous I would paint my whole house to match that set!! I have a couch that needs recovering and I think I have a plan...

Anonymous said...

What's the name of the company who made the quilty furniture? They are adorable.

Jaye said...

Really like the quote! I am all about no drama. Reposted the Make something piece to my blog. Missing your creative prompt responses!

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