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April 28, 2010

Cool Quilty Things, Simple Shapes, Quilt Jewlery, The BEST Glasses ever, Homage to our Used Needles, Ami Simms, Your Color Fix For Today,

Quilt and Sewy Things I like
This beautiful quilt mural was painted by David L Sykes for an Animal Hospital. Click on the picture below to see his step by step painting process to create this painting.

This huge threaded needle is in Milan, Italy in the Fashion District

When was the last time you played with simple shapes,
tossed them around and came up with a quilt block?
Click below to get a larger image to see what I did and go have some fun with it!

Aren't these the cutest for Quilters and Sewers?
I found these on "The Lark" and just fell in love with all of these. The scissor pendant, scissor earrings and my oh my...the iron earrings are something I have never seen.


I really mean this. Ask anyone who ever took a class from me. I actually pre-warn my class that I "will" loose my glasses and will ask if anyone has seen them...alot! (usually on top of my head!)

The reason I love the
CLic Adjustable Front Connect Reader
glasses is because when not in use, I just unclick them and they stay around my neck, when I need them, just click together.
So, where can you get these.

On the right side bar of the blog,
I put them under "The best reading glasses I ever had"
amazon icon.
Just click there and I hope you love them too!
The come in clear, turquoise, blue and red!!! WooHoooo
Paying Homage to our Used Needles
Did you know...
that in Japan, Feb. 8th (ok, I am a little late on posting this), marks the annual observance of Harikuyo, the festival of Broken Needles, a rituals of thanks for the tools of the sewing trade. For the last 400 years, seamstresses and tailors have gathered together all of the needles they have used or worn out during the previous year. They gently embed the needles in tofu, and lay them to rest in a shrine as a gesture of gratitude and respect
for the day to day objects that make our lives possible.
Click here for more photos and here for more on this festival
A Note from Ami Simms
Please click "here" to help Ami out and see her message. So many of us are blessed to still have our moms with us. Ami lost her mom to Alzheimer's and we as quilters can make a huge impact in helping with this more than wonderful cause.


Thank you for stopping by. I am so happy to find things I love and to share them with you.
As I have been promising in the past, there will be an announcement for a contest right here using my "Iridescence" dragonfly and whimsical flower collection of fabric. I am just waiting for the shipment to arrive in the stores and then it will be announced, which should be shortly.

(If you are a quilt shop that will be carrying it, please drop me a note by email so I can include your info for people to get it there. ), and of course I will be carrying the collection too!
So....till the next time....oh, wait! I love to read your comments, so please do leave one right here.
And saving the best for last...... Mother's Day is almost here. Thank you mom for all you have done for me throughout my life. I love you!

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