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January 29, 2013

Make it Happen!

What if we all woke up each morning saying this while we stretched and let out a yawn?
Can you imagine starting your day this way? "Making it Happen" doesn't mean you have to achieve and finish in that very same day. It can be something small, but doing it with a positive attitude that you will start with the intention of making it happen. Just cleaning out a closet is making it happen instead of procrastinating. I am a firm believer in substituting a negative thought instantly with something more happy and positive driven. 

Each night I write the things I would like to get done in the next day. When I awake I tell myself "I'm gonna Make it Happen". I may not get to everything, but crossing things off the list makes me happier than a bird with a french fry!

My new book coming out end of summer/late fall this year had one thing missing when I sent in the manuscript to my publisher. The "head shot" photograph that goes on the back of the book. I don't like getting my picture taken. I am way to critical of myself.....those aging lines,5 inches cut off of my hair, visible signs of loving cheese, bread and sweets a little to much, medications that puff ya out. But the time came for me to get this done. I went over to Bonnie McCaffrey's studio ( a few miles from my house) where she did the photo shoot. Tomorrow I will be reviewing with her the official "head shot". She did some fun pics of me as you can see above. Bonnie makes you feel comfortable and says some pretty funny stuff to get ya laughing.I've come to terms that pictures are inevitable and I am Me and that just how it has to be! Here is her Facebook link to see some awesome portrait photography she does. CLICK HERE. 
On my Facebook professional page, I was showing how I make a workshop kit with all the pieces traced and cut so you are ready to begin. (You can click on the picture above if you would like this pattern).

 I try to doodle, sketch or paint something everyday while eating lunch. Today I was dreaming "waves".. must be because I will be teaching in Florida next month!

One thing I can't so without, is my little electric battery eraser. It even erased colored pencil beautifully. I own 2 of these! To me, these are worth every penny!

Some super happy news for me happened! My new book coming out late summer/early fall this year has a name and I super love it. Her name is "Painted Applique; a new approach". It makes me happy and I just love the positive ring it has to it!  When I get the picture for the book cover picture, I'll be sure to share it with you.

I'm giving you a little peak of a picture I tool of one of the quilts in progress I did for the book. Each pattern has a tutorial on how to make it in fabric and the other in painted applique!

 I have finally got back to doing some reading. I have been working for the past year writing the book, designing the patterns, workshops and all that fun stuff from the moment I awoke till I couldn't go on any longer at night. I decided this year to work hard as always, but get some me time in there too.  I love to listen to audio books during the day, and now at night I am letting my eyes read the written words while I drift into the story line. It feels good.

And.....Your Color Fix for Today!

Hope you come over and join me on my
 Facebook Professional Art and Quilt Page...would love to see you there.

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