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March 24, 2013

Over the moon!

I am over the moon! The book I have been working on for close to a year has a book cover and a title, Painted Applique; A New Approach with 112 pages of yummy stuff. It will be published by AQS and will be coming out early Fall 2013. I love my cover, it is soooo me! Each and every pattern will have two, yes two tutorials on how to make it. One with fabric applique and the other painted applique. There is a wealth of knowledge on paints, mediums, fabric, brushes, trims and machine applique. It is a very exciting time for me!

I finally did it! I created a little pattern store where you can get the COLOR PDF downloads of the pattern everyone has been asking for. I learned alot. I learned how to merge PDF's and that is a huge accomplishment for me. All my patterns are written with step-by-step photographic tutorials. I like to write a pattern the way I want to learn, and being a visual person, I need photos!
To get Elegant Hearts, click the photo:

To get Heart's Desire, click the photo:


I'm getting organized! I like to think I am organized. My husband, family and my book keeper would tell you different. I keep everything, and I mean every single receipt, piece of paper in a big 'ol box and hand it off to my book keeper who has to try her best figuring it all out....and then the phone calls and emails come asking what is what. I don't like paperwork. I rather paint, quilt, sew or be elsewhere. Paperwork does not excite me one little bit.

And then my husband steps in!  My husband gets me. He sees my pained face every time I have to staple receipts to an invoice. Yes, it is an easy thing to do, but I rather let them pile up....out of order...and then my chaos begins. So....while visiting my parents, he saw my mother scan her receipts and bills into NeatDesk. He was intrigued and I got pulled into the room to watch. (I wanted to pull my hair out). Mom has the smaller one and it works like a charm. He told me we were getting one. NO!!! Buy me fabric, paints or a pretty something to wear, but NOT an organizational machine!!! Reluctantly, I said okay, thinking he would be doing it. 
We got the big NeatDesk because I have, as he says, "Big stacks of papers".

The one my mom has:

 OK...I adore it! Yes, you heard me right. I am a scanning fool....who woulda thought?  I just load all the papers, the thingamajig scans multiple papers (50) at one time, back and front and the software is intuitive. I do nothing. It has a category and the name, the purchase, the sales tax AND the total are all there. Halleluiah!!!! It is the best thing I have ever owned in the business paperwork category. It does it all for me and I can find anything now. I even scan medical records, business cards, birth certificates and yes!!!! too.

Check it out, you will not be sorry.....promise!
The one we got:
Now for fun stuff! I took Mickey Depre's Pieced Hexies class on Craftsy. Lecturing and teaching workshops and writing books is my career....but quilting is also my hobby. I Hex! Yes, I hex as a way to relax and this is the class that got my attention. I still get to piece very super simple bloacks together and then I get to do some simple hexie handwork while relaxing, watching tv to take on the road with me. Mickey is a great teacher. Patient, loads of knowledge and sharing her super fun way to twist and turn the pieced hexies to create multitudes of different designs to stitch together. I am addictive. What's happening to me? NeatDesk and Pieced hobbies for me! :-)
If you are looking for something new, different and in the need for a legal addiction....go check out Mickey's class!
Pieced Hexies can be purchased at 33% off right now!
Go for it and Click the photo!


Some stuff I have been working on....

 More about this coming up in the near's a super secret special project I have been working on!

NEW CLASS...Click on photo
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Click on the photo!

Till the next time everyone!!!
Now go create something beautiful......Linda


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