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January 2, 2014

Happy 2014 everyone! 
Where did 2013 go? 
As for me, 2013 was a whirlwind of excitement for me.
 I got to travel, teach and lecture for some amazing quilt guilds and quilt shows, sharing what I love doing most, teaching applique by hand and machine in the same class and unveiling my new technique, "Painted Applique". 
Painted Applique is painting in big sections first and then appliqueing it to the background. Instead of appliqueing many petals of a flower one at a time, you paint the head of the flower and applique the entire flower down.This technique is being well received and those that thought they never could paint are finding out that they truly can!
BEST PART:For every pattern, there is a photographic tutorial on how to do Painted Applique AND Applique with fabric!!!

At the end of this blog post is a contest for you to participate in if you like!!!!
Right before Christmas, my 4th book "Painted Applique; a new approach" was released by AQS and it was a perfect end to a busy 2013. The richness in colors in the photography is to die for. I couldn't be any happier with the quality this book has to offer. 
Here's a peek of some of the 20+ projects:
Quilted by Lisa Sipes

Just a few peaks of what's inside!

Quilted by Lisa Sipes

And here is what you'll see for every project, one in fabric applique and the other in painted applique.
Quilted by Pamela Dransfeldt

Pam, who quilted the above quilts for the book liked this patterns so much that she asked me permission to have it tatted on her leg

Quilted by Linda M. Poole
Quilted by Karen McTavish
So there ya have it...a little taste of what you can find!

Where to get an autographed copy of "Painted Applique; a new approach"?
On my website!!!

 Woven Hearts
my water color painting
Turned into embroidery

I have been enjoying turning my water color paintings into embroidery designs as well as Painted Applique, Whole cloth Painted quilts and Applique patterns as well.
Painted whole cloth
Applique (for hand or machine)

Painted whole cloth
Here is the place you can find the pattern for Woven Hearts...just scroll till you see it!
Visit quiltessa's Craftsy Pattern Store » for that contest!!!!!
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...and here is the contest rules to win a 12 pack tin of InkTense pencils

More blogging to come my friends with more eye candy to show very, very soon!!!

Thanks for visiting and I truly hope you leave a comment here!

Till next time...Linda

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