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March 23, 2010

NQA Quilt Show,Quilty things I like, Your Color Fix for Today

41st Annual NQA Quilt Show

Columbus, Ohio — June 17-19, 2


It getting to be almost that time and I am really excited to be teaching for NQA this year. The line up of teachers is spectacular and I am so honored to be amongst them!
Just click on the photo of my classes and it will take you to the NQA website telling you about each class and all the particulars. I truly hope to see you there and especially in my class....let me know !

Thursday - June 17, 2010

Easy class. Really! We will build out water lilies in our hand and applique and then set them on our lily pad. It's so much fun to see all the colors each student pics for their flowers. This is a no stress class (well, all my classes are like that!), and we laugh and I will show you how to make your own "designer" fusible bended bias tape and lots of tidbits on how to perk up your pieces with it!

Thursday - June 17, 2010

Did you know that this beautiful inspiration was created by my many visits to Turkey to study the Turkish Arts and bring them back home for you to applique? Yep! Turkish bouquets are usually set in small vases with an over abundance of florals. This is truly a happy quilt and so many possibilities of fabrics to use. I have many more Turkish inspired quilts to show you too!
Friday - June 18, 2010

Floral Delights is truly that - a delight to make. This is a popular class and just wait till you see how different each one of our quilt tops will look like. No worries about the skinny stems, I provide that for you, AND I will show you hands on how to make them. You will look like a genius after you see how easy it is to make 1/8" bias stems. Really!
Have you made your quilted computer cover yet?
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Quilted Steering Wheel Cover?
Yes, you can make one just for yourself or as gifts by clicking on the picture to get the pattern!

excerpt from quiltmaker:
I sewed the squares into a patchwork quilt and added a border around the outside edge of the quilt. At each corner of the quilt I added a buttonhole.
--To make the quilt into a chuppah, I purchased thick wooden dowels (approximately 1 1/2 inches in diameter) and cut them to an appropriate height.
At the top of each dowel I screwed in large metal rings. The chuppah was attached to the wooden poles with ribbons that tied through the button holes and the metal rings. The poles were decorated with flowers and vines for the ceremony.
--At the wedding ceremony, the couple married under this special chuppah, filled with well-wishes from many of their wedding guests. The chuppah is in their wedding photos and is a lasting memory of their wedding and the good wishes people had for them as they embarked on their marriage.
CLICK on picture to go to the full story!

Ross Palmer Beecher's eighth one-person exhibition at the Greg Kucera Gallery included new work inspired by the American folk-art traditions of quilting, flag-making, bricolage and primitive portraiture. Click HERE to see more of her metal quilts.

7-UP QUILT, 1988
Woven metal and found objects, 72 x 54 inches
CANDY COBWEB QUILT, 2003 Wire-stitched metal, paint wood, costume jewelry and found objects, 35 x 35.5 x 3 inches

Details of AUTO LOG CABIN QUILT, 2009
AUTO LOG CABIN QUILT, 2009 Aluminum license plates, tin, Hot Wheel cars and mixed media, 76 x 87 inches

How cool is this pegboard? It's got to be so cheery when you enter the room and are getting ready to sew!
Here is a little something you may not know about me.....
I can't function without my Dunkin Donuts Coffee
. I'm not a Starbucks Girl at all.


Again, thank you all for stopping by and having a look. I feel so blessed to be working at something I truly love and the best of all is when you comment . Let me know if something inspires never know how it will blossom and may inspire another!
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