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May 7, 2009

Painted Sewing Machines,Quilting Funnies,Celtic Swirls Class, Your COlor Fix for Today

Of course it's a good day!
We are creative people. People who crave to make things, to touch fabrics, threads, needles and to put our thoughts into fabric which in turn, makes beautiful quilts. It a good day because we make beautiful things that bring joy and color to this world!


I started to think about these painted sewing machines. Why are there not more of us who would do this? We seem to personalize everything else, right? Do we buy our machines and try to keep it pristine with the intentions of selling it one day? I know that the day I purchased my machine, selling it was the furthest thing from my mind that day. But the BIG question is....can I take paint and a brush and paint her? Could you? And why not?
I just may personalize my machine one of these days!

And...check out these "GORGEOUS" airbrushed sewing machines
by Advanced Airbrush.

I am in awe!!! Aren't you?

I am now itching to paint my to think of designs...

I Love let's say that over and over...all we can ever do in our lives, is to just do our best, there is nothing more than that...and why would you not do your best?
It doesn't have to be perfect, or for someone else.
"DO YOUR BEST" just for you!

Now only if the mechanic would speak to us like that.
I actually may understand him!

Here's another peak into my classroom. Believe me, making these intricate celtic swirly designs is NOT hard. Ask any of my students who have taken this class. It's all in the technique!!!

Ahhh...the good ole wall of fame. This is the fun part, to see what we have achieved at the end of the class. isn't hard at all....everyone completed their celtic swirls!


Thanks for stopping in. I love finding and bringing you some of the "different" things that happen in our quilting/sewing world. It's a fun thing for me to do! Now here is my question for you. DO you know of anything that is "different" out there that should be brought to the attention of every single one of us? DO you or your friends make quilts not for the bed, walls, or to wear? Do you know of anyone that has painted, yes painted a quilt on their walls or somewhere else? Let me know and I will feature it right here for all to see.
Thanks everyone and if you like my blog....tell everyone!

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