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May 20, 2009

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Life really is good when you seriously think about it.
Minor and major things will happens to us. The big, small,
inconvenient, heartbreaking or something gladly,euphorically accepted.
We have to embrace the beautiful events life gives us and keep strong for the things that we wish would go aw
Everything will make us stronger!
Now after all that talk about how life is good, I have to laugh when I saw this old poster. Ummm...perhaps this gentleman's life isn't so good at the moment, and....hmmm..not sure he will be stronger from this, but I am sure he will not asked for his pants to be patched again!!!

Once again, Crafty Chica makes wonderful things with all this crafty and sewing stuff. This wind chime is so colorful and fun with all the baubles added!
I can't believe I found another sewing tattoo..they are spouting up everywhere! If you don't remember the really awesome ones I found and blogged about before, click here.

Inside my classroom
Dream Watcher Fairie


This fairie's name is Rainbow, painter of hopes, dreams and colors. You probably all know how much I loveeeee making bias tape, I really do! Part of the rainbow that is being painted has gorgeous multi colored marbled bias tape. Of course her clouds are all silver lined with bias tape of course.
I love Shirley Love's (gotta lover her name) fairie's hair....silver lame.

Know who these two girls are?
I lovingly refer to them as the Flower Pounding twins!
It's Ann Frischkorn and Amy Sandrin, who I have been a fan of.
They are a hoot to have it class and look at their beautiful fairies!!

I love how Carolyn Finlayson of Panama City, FL made her fairie into a Mer-fairie. The hair fabric is mega awesome and in the end, Carolyn used seashells to hide her mermaid fairie's "girls". hehe

My mom Gloria's fairie is named Signorina Glorianna Fabia. She is the fairie that makes sure everyone at Carnivalle in Venice has their masks for the grand affair!
And there just has to be a quilting fairie, right? Lauren Orben of PA made "Thimbelina" the quilting fairie. That is a REAL little crazy quilt in the hoop.

I absolutely love, love, love Peggie Stromberg's wings on her fairie!!
(hey Peggie....would love to know how your fairie is progressing!!!)

Helen Umstead from Lord's Valley, PA made this fun "nut cracker-ish" fairie quilt. I love how she set the fairie inside the ballet slippers.
This is Ivanna Travel. I made this quilt because "I vanna always travel!!!"
She is the fairie that keeps all travels safe. Her dress is fabric I brought back from Turkey and the background is map fabric of Paris.
Gina Bentz of Tallahassee, FL is fun! We laughed (ok, snorted) non stop in class along with everyone else. Choclate was the culprit, alot of it consumed in class!!!
I think her fairie is so romantic!

This is in Harrogate, England where I met up with Maureen and her "Nutty McNutkins" fairie. Take a good look at her fairies bracelet...inventive, huh?

I love how Lynn Page of Savannah, GA used butterfly fabric for the wings, and again her choice for hair is superb.
(Sorry your eyes were closed).


Thanks everybody for stopping by, I love it when you do and please leave comments, they are always fun to read and post! It was an exciting week for me. I went to Int'l Quilt Market in Pittsburgh, saw three HUGE bears today, and a plane crashed in a tree not far from where I live.
Look for my doodles next posting!
Much love, Linda

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