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December 8, 2009

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This beautiful tribute to the Nutcracker Sweet was made by a dear friend, Helen Umstead of Lord's Valley, PA. This quilt was a part of a 3 year National Exhibit I curated called Quilted Fairie Tales. This fairie is from my book "Quilted Fairie Tales" I wanted to share a spectacular quilt for this Holiday Season!
I thought long and hard before sharing this wacky photo of when I was a wee one. It was one of my favorite Christmas' where I got this horse you rocked back and forth on. I bet it would have been one of those recall items if it were available today! Mom and Dad tell me that I was like a little rocking demon on it...rocked so hard that they were surprised I didn't take that horse for a ride down the street. And mom....what's with those dorky bangs??? ;-)
How are you all doing on making a Quilt For Yourself??? Have ya thought about it? Have ya started? Hmmm....maybe you're thinking about it? If so, grab this icon, put it on your blog and spread the word. If your on facebook, come join the hundreds of us pledging to make a quilt for ourselves by clicking here: I'm Making A Quilt For Me
(Would love to here your comments)
So here it is.....the quilt I am making for me. Nothing fancy, actually quite plain and simple and I had so much joy making this. For an appliquer who does not do a lot of piecing....well...I had a blast! I brought everything I needed to make it on a retreat.

I used Charlotte Angotti's pattern called Chain, Chain, Chain but just omitted the center stars. Who knows....maybe I will applique in the center of those blocks or do some fancy quilting. It's not important to me...I just wanted to make myself a quilt I could wrap up in this winter.

It's starting to come together
I am starting to see the light

I am starting to now sew the rows together.....I am tired, I want to finish....
because I can't wait to see it together!
And this is the real deal, right here. This is Charlotte's quilt, Chain, Chain Chain. It is awesome and now I am thinking I should have put those stars in the blocks...BUT...wait....I applique, I can do something that will make it my own!
Since so many of us were cross-stitchers before quilters (My hand is raised here), I could not help but to show you this artist "Severija's" work. You will see cars, watering cans, irons and other objects cross stitched.....amazing.

And I just had to share some of these great Holiday make it crafts. Just click on each picture to get to the tutorials and have fun!!!

Here is the beginning of Grandbaby Gabriella's quilt I hope to finish her for Christmas. Gabriella will be 6 months old on Christmas Day.....such an exciting time for all! Wish me luck on finishing it as I am in the edit stages for the second fabric line with Avlyn Fabrics.

I truly, truly love this. I love what the Time Warner Building did to create these spectacular colors where the magic of Christmas comes alive in NYC. To see more of these spectacular stars, CLICK HERE.

This is sooooo much fun!!! I know how we all like to make snowflakes by using scissors and paper, but for a different twist, try your creative hand on this website and make oodles of your own snowflake creations. The kids will love this too!
Just click here: Make your own snowflakes

As I finish up this blog, the snow is gently falling for the second time this month. I feel so blessed tonight with all the beauty I have in my life. I wish the same to each and everyone of you and your families.
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