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September 2, 2010

Unique Quilty Hangers - Where are you baby bear?- CONTEST!!! - - Quilty Room Dividers - Your Color Fix For Today

CLICK HERE to get all the info and hope you're putting you're thinking caps on. Only 4 weeks left till the contest closes....but wait! You don't have to quilt it. There are 2 contest to choose from...a quilt top or a fabric object!!! Let me know if your contest quilting muse has urged you to participate...hope so!

It's been 12 weeks since I've seen this baby bear. I often wonder how big she is and what she is doing. Yes, I decided she is a she...why not? :-)
It's time to learn how to crawl back down the tree
Don't worry baby bear, mom will come for you!

Diann Becker from Shohola, PA sent me this picture from the Dragonfly class I taught. Loved that she incorporated it into a tote! I LOVE getting pictures from classes I have taught!!!

Who could not resist this dragonfly quilt hanger from Maureen's Vintage Acquisitions? To see more click here.
And from Maureen's, I also love these Autumn Leaves

This is such a beautiful laser cut quilt frame and will be my next purchase for my sewing room. I saw these in person and they are strong and well made and the person who makes these is so friendly and wonderful to deal with. I am a happy customer! To see more GREAT quilt hangers from Summer Sky Creations click here. 
This was the quilt hanger I got for my living room. It combines 2 passions in one, my love for quilting and my honey's passion for fly fishing. SO...How do you hang your quilts? I would love to see and post them here!

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