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September 5, 2009

I have an announcement, Quotes for Today,Cool things I love,Quilting Cartoon,Pet Beds,Your Color Fix for Today


I am truly excited to announce my collaboration with Avlyn Fabrics as one of their fabric designers. My first collection is fun, fresh, and whimsical.
The kind of fabric that makes you happy!

When I first put my pencil to paper, my thoughts were of you, the quilter, sewer and crafter. We LOVE color and that was a no brainer for me as I am a huge lover of color too. I designed this first collection with some of the things I love......can you tell I am being quite secretive??? Believe me, I am full of anticipated excitement to show you the finished fabrics.....but we are still working on a "name" and finishing up the coordinates. I know in my heart you will love it! did this happen for me? Jaye Lapachet, a friend of mine from San Francisco,CA has an amazing blog called ARTQUILTMAKER where she posts a word prompt every week.

Sherri Dodds of Little Rock AK and I became the first two "joiners" illustrating what the word prompt meant to us. Sherri's blog name is " The Lazy Quilter" which is sooooo not true!
We really got excited about this and Sherri's son Tommy drew this little "cow" which became the icon you click on to get to Jaye's prompt page on her blog. Sherri and I put this icon up on our blogs and the word prompts began spreading to others. You should join us. You don't have to draw, you can do anything you want to portray the word prompt...even photos!!!

My good good sewing buddies who are more than just sewing buddies, saw my illustrations and told me it would be great in fabric.

So, the idea was planted.

Well....not exactly true. Mom and dad had told me years back that I should design fabric, but I had been busy writing quilt books, designing patterns, teaching and lecturing for symposiums, quilt guilds and quilt shows.
I had a "time" problem ..or so I thought....

Charlotte Angotti, a good friend of mine calls me on my cell and says "Are you coming to Quilt Market and showing your designs to the Fabric Manufacturers?" Ummm....gulp!
"Um, no Charlotte" I tell her, "I have no room to stay there, and hadn't thought I could go."
"Get whatever designs you have packed up, get in the car
and get your butt to Pittsburgh!"
No time to think....this is the best way for me to get this done! the car I go and I am off to Quilt Market in Pittsburgh, the mega market of the quilt world, where designers, quilt shop owners buy for their shops, pattern and fabric companies and artists all show what "new", you know...that superlicious eye candy we all want!

I arrive at Quilt Market 6 hours later (drove in torrential pouring rain) and am greeted by Charlotte Angotti of Quilt Maker's Studio
and Debbie Caffrey of Debbie's Creative Moments.
I stayed with Debbie and perused Market with Charlotte.

My little design pad under my arm, I made my way to fabric companies who loved what I showed and eager to sign right there or talk after wards.

The last company I went to was Avlyn where Karen Combs was sitting and showing her newest fabric designs....very yummy I may say! Karen and I made a lunch date where we chatted, ate great food and I showed her my designs.
I loved listening and learning about Avlyn. Karen was eager for me to meet and show Avlyn's president my designs. She intuitively knew that I would fill a niche and what I had to show was fresh, unique and FUN!
And what can I say.....the rest in history in the making! My first line of fabric will be at Quilt Market in Houston this fall....and I can't wait till I can show you the first collection.....stay tuned to my blog to see.


Cool Things I Love

It never ceases to amaze me the inventive things that people create.
I would love to see the reaction of people when this crocheted covered bus passes them by.
Just check out those lug nuts!

And on the opposite end of the creativity spectrum, I think this crotchet covered piano with lace accents is just gorgeous. I can already hear a beautiful ballad being sung.

How about dipping into your stash and use it up
by making your dog or kitty a pet bed?

Here are some great links to click on and
learn how to make your own:
Make and build dog stuff
Weekend Pro
How to Sew a Dog Bed Cover
Patchwork Dog Bed
Pet Bed with Pillow ba

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