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May 26, 2010

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As newest fabric line

The coolest thing about the Radiance Quilt that Teri Lucas designed, is that it looks so complex, but the beauty is that the fabrics have so much fun stuff going on, that the pieces in the quilt are really large pieces that looks like it's a lot of piecing....but it really isn't. Teri Lucas designed this quilt with the beginner to expert quilter in mind, and when the line is later will be able to get this pattern! WOOHOOO!!!On the home was dad's 81st birthday and mom and I cooked up a storm making potato pancakes with sour cream and chunky applesauce of course!

Now isn't this an great way to re-purpose a spice rack??? I really like this idea.
Zoie was sick for a week. It was scary indeed. We went hiking (picture below of the river) and she decided to drink some water at the river's edge. It was the green foamy scummy stuff and we didn't catch her until the last minute. As the vet said, "her flora is all unbalanced in her body and she had a high level of toxicity inside her."

So meds and sleep were the answer for her along with many, many frequent urgent visits into the woods to relieve herself. All is well now and she is back to stick playing!

Zoie is a very nosy pup. Her nose is in everything and nothing gets by her.
Curiosity should be her middle name.

There is something spectacular about seeing a flower ready to emerge from it's pod. I love every flower on this earth, but poppies are in my top 10.

So, this little birdie decided to maker her nest on the front porch rails at the upstate NY home. With construction going on, she had to make her nest 5 times and finally settled in the most public place for a Robin to be. Poor little thing had to keep leaving her nest if we walked by or opened the door.

So, I sat quietly with camera ready to click away...and she returned to the nest.
How sweet is this?
Just had to sneak in a little update pic of Grand-baby Gabriella. Just look at those eyes!

The gals at the Western North Carolina Guild were so much fun
and I really enjoyed my time there with them
. Fun, fun, fun!


You can read more here:

It's like walking on one long quilt! Gorgeous

All I could think and see were "clam shells" when I saw this...great quilting design!


I have been busy, busy, busy the past month which is a good thing. It keeps me out of trouble! I have been on the road alot, up and down the east coast. Quilters always know the best places to eat, the cutest B&B's and of course all the quilt shops in a 60 miles radius of their home.

Aside from travel and teaching, I have been able to do some gardening, weeding (ew), sketching, hike some beautiful areas in upstate NY and take some pictures, another true passion of mine. My sweetie and little Zoie are always by my side, as we laugh, talk and breathe in the fresh air. Yes, Life is Good.
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