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December 29, 2010

2011 Color of the year,Something I have been working on,Where has time gone?,Using my leftover fusible bias tape,Cool Quil ty Kind of Things,Your Color Fix for Today,Happy Birthday Mom and Zoie

Three powerful words when you really think about it.
Do you "believe you can" do the things you have always wanted to do? Every beginning of the New Year, I sit quietly and write my intentions in a new notebook. Call it "goals" if you like, but I find the physical writing with a pen in hand makes it more real for me. I have put my written mark down on a clean page, a new slate of awesome, magical intentions that I do "believe" I can and will do. How about you?

The TOP 10 2011 Spring Colors 

2011's Top Color Trend
“People are looking for something that gives them a lift. Everyone has been feeling a bit lethargic from the economy, the mood or whatever this is. Honeysuckle is a feel-good color,” Eiseman said. “It’s flirtatious and has more of a playful attitude.”
Click on the word "honeysuckle" to read more about each color.

I am liking these colors alot, but always have.
Russet and Beeswax reminds me of appliance colors of the past!
Something I have been working on...

Everything I see or do "inspires" me. I cannot go anyplace without seeing something that makes me want to create. It's part of my genetics. I have been working on a series of motivational and/or inspiring pieces of art. This piece is one of the 3 I have completed and printed for my office. When done, the 12 pieces of art will be made into cards. I thought it would be nice to send these to someone just randomly to perhaps inspire them.
( name is hidden in each piece)

Where has the time gone?
Grand baby Gabriella is now 18 months old.She is her own little person. 
A personality is developing and we know she will be able to stand her own in the future. 
She is a leader,we can tell that already..first words...Dada, mamma and STOP (with that talk to the hand gesture)...hmmm

Using my left overs..
This is one of the many things I do with all my leftover fusible bias tape....I weave them and make little applique pieces. This one is on the back pocket of my jeans where I tore a hole in it. I stitched it well and it washes just fine

Cool Quilty Kinda Things....

What a fantastic way to preserve a memory!
 My hats off to this gal. Courage is the word that comes to mind. I am thinking that "sewing" will be a life long passion in her life to get this tattoo!
 Ok...I will admit I have ironed on one these ironing boards. My friend Charlotte brought this to retreat and we giggled alot....let's just say that little towel disappears with steam or heat. Lot's of ironing going on that day!
 Wow! Now that's one big pieced/quilted clock!
 Bet you see a quilt...
but it's not. These are amazing pieces created by cutting pieces of pictures/magazines. Go take a peak at Cheryl Sorg's site and look at her work.

You brave girl..
(The last fixes of the year....)
Sondra King, Mosaic Artist
Happy Socks

A Little bit of Zoie....
Zoie with her new Christmas toys....

 ...and her Santa hat she would rather chew on than wear!

Happy Birthday Mom
December 19th my mom had a milestone birthday of 75, but let me just say,if turning 75 is anything like my mom, it is the new 55.Really. My mom is a little fireball. Those who know my mom will say that when she laughs, it's from the heart and belly. She is the most organized woman I know, full of that wanderlust for travel which always makes her a perfect companion to travel the world with. She loves potato chips. Yes, when I was little and had to go to bed, I could hear her go to the snack closet and open that bag of chips. No fair Mom! She taught me to sew on her jazzy Singer sewing machine, she dressed my sister and I in identical outfits that she sewed, taught us good manners (or else!),and the list goes on. She is the best mother I could ever have. I love you Mom and Happy don't go skating circles around me!!! :-)

My Favorite Color Pic EVER!

As the year winds down, I want to thank you all for another year of visiting me on my blog. I hope in some way I inspired you or made you think about something that sparked a creative force inside of you. As all blog writers, we love to hear your comments and nothing would make me happier to hear from you. So if you choose, please leave a comment! Until next year, which I blindly forecast as an awesome, creative, thought provoking and colorful year to how's that for optimism!!!

 Visit me in the new year for my "first of the year" sale on fat quarters from the collections I have designed.
A little peak of what I did this morning...
and that's only 200 fat 1/4's cut so far!

Be creative and then stay that way!

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