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March 16, 2010

My new fabric line SEAHORSES,Quilting Funny, Cool Quilty Stuff and Your Color Fix for Today

with Avlyn Fabrics

I am so thrilled to introduce you to my newest collection I designed for Avlyn Fabrics. Seahorses was so much fun to design, as I am a lover of colors and lots and lots of little intricate designs within the elements. You may of heard me yesterday talk about these two little seahorse with their tails entwined ( very romantic) on Pat Sloan's LIVE RADIO.
(You can listen to the most recent show by clicking here)

I have always referred to this little seahorse as my "hippy horse...guess it's the hair!!! )

So....if you are loving this so far....please ask your quilt shop to carry it. They can ask their rep, go to Avlyn's website OR direct them to my blog to see it! (Thank you)

Something that gets me highly motivated to doodle and draw is a blog I follow all the time. It is the brainstorm of Jaye Lapecht. Jay posts a word prompt every week and I would take those words and doodle out my ideas....geez...I have been ridiculously busy that I do need to get back on her site and do these word prompts ASAP. You don't HAVE TO can do anything, photos work too! Please give it a try. On the right side of my blog you will see a cute little cow icon, click it and it takes you to Jaye's blog!


Click on the vintage ad and it will take you to Millie's blog who posts some of the greatest vintage ads from our past

What a seriously great idea to do with those icky, gooey burned out irpns that some of us may have. If you give this a try, make sure to send me a pic so I can show the world!


Thank you as ever for stopping in to read my blog, or shall I say...LOOK at my blog since it's just full of colorful images, which for me, is what motivates me and gets my heart a fluttering! I would love to hear from you, so please do leave me a comment! Now it's off to Ohio and then AQS Lancaster to lecture and teach....hope I see you there! - Linda

March 14, 2010

Ides of March - an Exciting Day!

EXCITING DAY AHEAD....Yeppers....Monday, March 15, 2010 (the Ides of March) at 4pm I will be doing "Live Radio" with Pat Sloan.
Just click on her picture link below and it will take you to the place you need to be to listen.

I suggest you get there a little ahead of time to see what you need to do and then sit back and enjoy the show. I will be giving away two of my books as prizes. All you need to do is go to Pat's blog and make a comment and the winner will be selected from those!
Easy Peasy.

I hope you come back and leave a comment right here for me also. It's always nice to hear feedback and then mid week, a new blog post will be done for you in all those great color fixes, some new news and the bizarre and neat things I find in the quilting world.
In honor of National Quilt Day, this Saturday the 20th, if you order one of my books, the shipping is on me (in the USA) with an added 20%, off making Quilted Fairie Tales only $15.99 and I'll autograph for you! You can send a check or use paypal:

And Bended Bias to Applique special is the same as above, making Bended Bias to Applique $18.39. You can send a check or use PayPal:

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