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October 3, 2012

It's been just gosh darn way to long since I blogged. Yes, I decided to call it a sabbatical, a very much need one.This year has been a crazy one for me.Three major things happened. One being my wonderful 83 year old dad had a shoulder replacement and while in the hospital for that they discovered a very big bladder stone that also had to be removed.His recovery was a long one,many months of therapy, but there is nothing more joyous than to see your father's smile and humor return knowing he is pain free.

Photo: I can't stand it anymore. I want to show all the quilts from the new book to be. All 22 of them...okay..I still have just a couple more to finish up. Here is a tiny peek of a little little section of one of the quilts! <grin>. While your that "Like" button if you haven't done so cause they'll be more little peeks as time goes on...and share my link on your page if you like! :-)
Another major event was that I submitted a book proposal to my publisher AQS and after being accepted, I have been nonstop making quilts (22 of them, I must say) and then there is the pattern writing and all that fun stuff that gets put into the book. This will be my fourth published book and just when you think you've mastered the whole book writing process, things change. For every pattern, there will be two ways to make the quilt. One being my technique for applique and the other.....painting applique!

Of course I can't show you any of the quilts...but I can give some sneak peaks every now and then! I have posted a couple over on my Facebook Quilt/Art page. Hope you'll come over and join me there. CLICK HERE
And my third event this year was celebrating my first wedding anniversary to my best friend and the love of my life Ray.
So blogging commences....more so after the manuscript deadline passes (mid Nov.)
STAY TUNED for TWO very big and exciting announcement coming from me in my next blog post....Oh Yeah!!!! They are exciting in deed. Color fixes will be back too!

Later gators!...Linda
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