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February 17, 2010

Things to make with your measuring tape-Zoie of course, Update on my office/studio-More Sewing Tattoos-Your Color Fix for Today

Got "Cabin Fever" yet? Here are some fun things to do with measuring tapes, yard sticks and metal rulers. Ingenious I say. I particularly like this first photo of the measuring tape flower as a quilt show ribbon. I think it would be so much fun to make too! I have way to many measuring tapes as I am sure that many of you do also.

I was intrigued that this chair is made of wooden yardsticks!

I had to stop a moment when I saw these pictures. They are just to good to "not" post here for you to see them. Wouldn't it be nice if all stop signs looked like this?
But what about this next picture???? Can one really only go only 12 1/2 miles per hour???
My blog would not be complete without showing you some photos of my Zoie in the snow. This little girl of mine is non stop. Frisbee is her new passion as she is getting really good at it.....for treats of course. I still wonder how a little pooch catches something that is bigger than her head!
I am almost done....can one ever really be done when they totally have taken everything out of the room, purged, organized and dragged furniture, bought bins, baskets.....well you know the whole speil. I believe all I have yet to do, is put some quilts
up, label my baskets so I know where everything is and get back to quilting a storm up.
Did I say storm???? Sh....don't let Father Winter hear tha
t! Snow is in abundance here in NE PA.
You can't see the whole thing, but my design area is to the left of the desk and behind the door. Perfect for me!
The strong boys brought up from the basement my Koala table. I love it because both sides close down and I can lift up one side if I want to. The best thing is that it has wheels and I can roll the table to the center of the room if I want. I couldn't believe this was heavier to bring up the stairs than the Koala sewing cabinet.
In my prevoius blog posts, you may have remembered that my book shelf was once here.
The peg board is up and I feel so much better having some of my tools at hand. I decided I will hang some of my little quilts right under the cabinets as I started to do so here.
I moved the book case over to the left of the cabinets since I decided the Koala table would be where the books once were. Looks like I have no more room for books....NOT. I will always find a place for more! :-)
And here is the stuff you don't see....hee hee. This is all in the basement.....but that is another season to organize and purge. Sigh.....
And I just love how these little tags make everything perfect. I will take these ideas and do the same with my baskets and jars.


So you know how appreciative I am when you stop by and spend some time here? I am very very appreciative. It makes me happy that I may in some way have motivated you through "colors" or little quotes. Maybe something here has sparked an idea inside you or you saw something to pass on to a friend. I hope you stop by I will be having a contest posted very soon......when my new fabric line hits the stores in about 4 weeks.....let your friends know and pass my blog link onwards!!! Thank you my friends.
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