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June 2, 2009

My Doodle,Quote for Today,Yippee for Buttons,Zoie the Sailor Girl,Quilty things I like, Your Color Fix for Today

.My Doodle
Word Prompt #13: Tree's
I am so far behind posting my doodles for all the great word prompt's that Jaye has been giving. I hope you will think on giving these word prompts a try. It doesn't have to be a doodle, it can be anything you desire, ATC's, poetry, a scribble, a quilt....anything goes! Click on Clara the Cow Icon on the right side and see what it's all about!
Remember: All work is copyrighted.

Your Quote for Today
If you haven't been told lately that what you create is great, well.....then I will tell you. Everything you do, be it small or did a great job! And I, as a creative person, thank you for creating too. We make the world a more colorful and interesting place to live. It takes energy to create and I acknowledge that in you. Bravo to you!!!
So exactly what are you doing with "your" buttons? I believe that most quilters have a large button supply in tins, boxes or jars.....but what are we doing with them and why are we collecting them. Let's pull those buttons out and do things with them. If you are looking for ideas, just check out some of these awesome ideas and let them be a starting point of inspiration for you

I am loving the idea of taking my buttons and creating a small patchwork quilt with them. I think I will glue my buttons to a velvet wrapped piece of cardboard.
BUT....look at these....wonderful, huh?

I can't even imagine spending all these hours,days,weeks doing this, but I do appreciate the person who thought of this and put their idea into fruition! I wish I could see it in person!!!

These are so fun to look at and I bet a real blast to make. How could you not be happy after making these?
I think this is so beautiful that I could see myself making one of these for Christmas as a center piece. I think I am finally inspired to use a multitude of my buttons. Why would I just want to keep collecting them and not make anything?

I wonder if she has any cats? Fun purse, but even a more fun toy for the kitties!

I am now convinced that I love my buttons even more now. I want to and will make the flower pot. I am totally inspired!
Zoie, the Sailor Girl
As you know, my little quilting assistant Zoie does insist part of the time to be included here. She is already 7 1/2 months old....can you believe it? She went on the water for the first time and took quite well to it. In about a whole five minutes after we launched, she jumped into the water.


I just love this toaster. I love it so much that I can see me eating more carbs than I should....I LOVE toasted English Muffins!

Hmmmm...great way to recycle all that unwanted fabric?
Remember this decade?

They actually make this little tool to help you with your color selections here to check it out.


So, another blog written for you with joy! I hope you enjoyed your time here. Let me know what inspires you! Leave a comment, I love to read them.
Many thanks,


Leslie said...

I love the button items, amazing. Thanks for sharing them.

KathyP said...

WOW, loved those button projects!
I'll be making that tree for sure.
The original button girl,

Karen Newman Fridy said...

The button things are FABULOUS!! And of course I always love the color fixes and quilty things.

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

I enjoyed and was inspired!

Quilt Rat said...

Those button creations are amazing!
Absolutely Love your trees Doodle. Do you paint your doodles? They are fantastic!

Jaye said...

I love your doodles. Your style is so distinct. I posted it to my site, so you don't have to.

Carolyn in Kentucky said...

Your color posts bring such joy to my heart, thank you so much.
Love you

Miss Muffet said...

Well here I was feeling sorry for myself that a monster of a cold took hold of me and wouldn't let me go out to play (hiking and/or biking in Acadia National Park)when I happened upon your blog. Not only have my spirits been lifted but I think I have found my muse which had been playing hide and seek with me and wouldn't come out even when I called,"olly, olly oxen free!" I absolutely love the color fix. This has been the best medicine. Thank you, Cheers

Diane said...

Love that button-frosted Christmas tree! I am SO going to make some of these for my retreat!
Diane in Texas

Barbara said...

I somehow missed your button posting until today. I love, love, love that little tree; may have to make one.

Hope you and Zoie have a great weekend.

Barb C.

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