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July 30, 2009

The Ultimate Quilt Room, No Parking Quilt,Gurney Quilts,The Quilt cellphone,Metal Quilts,Button Sculptures,Your Color Fix for Today

by photographer Tom Mannion

I am speechless. All that came to mind were captions and scary thoughts.
Some were:
Old quilters ne
ver die...
they just use up every single la
st fabric scrap they own and their friends too.

Would a quilter's husband, significant ot
her, or partner really understand what redecorating a room with a quilt theme mean?

Is this the ultimate way for a quilter to re-purpose her stash?

A conversation between two quilters:
"Well, he told me that my stash was getting to big and that I should think about using what I had before buying anymore fabric."

What were your thoughts when you saw this?
Join me in captioning this picture!

Artist Paul Margolis
Paul is pretty amazing. As a dad, bus driver and artist, he makes quilts we ordinarily don't see. To read more, click "here" and to help find these a home, click "here".

I guess a quilt is in order for whatever the occasion may be.

Just when I thought I saw it all......

A Cell phoned named "The Quilt"
Sky introduced this slider handset known as "The Quilt" in Korea. The idea here is that it actually sorta resembles a quilt. (I would have at least liked to have seen a REAL patchwork pattern here and then I would have not objected it to being called a quilt.....but that's just my opinion!)
Wooden Sewing Machine
I was happy when I found another wooden sewing machine like I did in my last blog post...
you need to go check them out!


I am drawn to these metal pieces of art quilts. As quilters, we should be so honored that what we love and create spills over to other artists who create their versions of "quilts"
Click here to read more about this artist.

Art created with quilting and sewing in mind

Dog Food Quilt Block

I couldn't believe this when I found it. Yep....this is made with dog food. I am quite impressed that there is someone out there that actually makes art with dog food....but why not? His name is William Kenneth Daw and an animal lover at heart. When I first saw this, I naturally saw this as a quilt block.....don't you see that too?


Creator: Esther Lapointe
Made of Turfo stone and marble.

This button sculptor is on Penn Campus:

Creator: Stephanie Cruise
Located on Spadina Avenue,Richmond Street, Toronto, Ontario Canada
In Grand Rapid, Michigan this is a hug red button installed on a tilted axis. The center has four pierced holes in it and it is installed in a children's playground. The creator is Hy Zelkowitz.
Artist Lisa Kokin created these amazing button sculptors

This post was so much fun putting together.I hope your time here was fun and some of the quilting/sewing related things you saw and read about made you smile and say WOW! Life is full of surprises and the ingenuity of artists makes my curiosity grow.

When I am putting together a lecture or designing a new pattern for classes or a pattern, my inspirations are endless. Just the COLOR FIXES alone play around in my head and fill me with motivation.

I have been working on a new lecture that will bring the funny, the bizarre, the ingenious and the ultimate in quilting....just like you read and see here!

I hope my blog sparks the quilting and artistic muse in you.
Share this with a friend and I hope you leave a comment!


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