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April 23, 2009

My Doodle, My mini work,Quilt Tank,Color Fix,Late Night Find

My Doodle is for the word prompt "Dream".
I dream all the time of making things,sewing things and surrounding myself in all the luscious colors that are around me.
I was listening to all the birds singing their Spring songs yesterday and my overactive imagination could see them busily making nests and helping Mother Nature paint her colors for the season.
Click on the Clara the Cow Icon that's on the right side and come join us in doodling.

I believe in this quote with all my heart. Why starve our creative hearts? I hope you do something everyday, even if it's a "little" something that makes you happy and fulfilled.
My Mini Work-Sunny Side Up
I call it Sunny side up because when you look at the center of the flower, it looks like a sunny side egg...and yep, there are 3 pieces to that flower.
I love to work in miniatures. I especially like to make a full size pattern I have designed for class or a book and make a mini of it. It's something I can carry around with me and put a few stitches in it every so often. I've been working on this little Floral Delights a long time now, mostly because I had it tucked away and forgot about it. With Spring here, I am renewed and ready to finish her up.
You can see the full size by clicking here. I have a couple of kits left too, just email me if your interested.

I 'm a day late with wishing you all a Happy Earth Day.
So...HAPPY EARTH DAY everyone!!!
Don't ya just love this quilted tank? On the earth day theme, I guess perhaps the quilt police (commandos) drive this tank for early morning quilt inspections?


I had to show you this cute little cheese grater...Isn't she the best?
I really want one!

Look closely. This quilt was made with Starbuck's coffee holders, cozies....whatever they are called!

My Late Night Find
Wow! I was looking at laser beam lights late one night and came across this. A rotary cutter with a laser beam??? Really??

As always, thank you so much for stopping in. I try to find some of the weird, interesting and beautiful things for you.
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Till the next time................Linda

April 19, 2009

Inside my classroom,My Fave Vendor,Laugh,Your Color Fix for Today,On the road sightings,Weird Finds

I thought you would like to peek inside my classroom for "Floral Delights" at The Original Sewing and Quilt Expo in Worcester, MA from the past few days. I always make a few extra kits, it makes me feel better to know that I go with extras than "less of". I have 6 kits left and if you are interested, email me at if you would like to purchase a kit.
Each kit is fully loaded with fabric, threads, needle,toothpicks, full size pattern, pictorial instructions, your pattern already printed on the freezer paper....etc. My students would vouch that they are great loaded up kits ready for you to make this beauty! You don't need a thing but your scissors and enthusiasm. Click here to see the kit
I thought I would start with an "end of class picture" so you could see how far we got and how gorgeous the quilt tops turned out!

The Dolphin Dance Class was alot of fun....there is nothing as peaceful as creating these beautiful under the sea creatures. What I love the best about classes is all the laughing we do. 5 Kits left for this class, email me if you would like one! You will be thrilled with making and owning this one!!!
Click here to see the kit.

Nifty Thrifty Dry Goods
My FAVORITE vendor at the show. I wanted to live there for the day. She puts together the most beautiful display of all these goodies. I became so inspired being amongst all these goodies....and for an instant color fix, all I had to do was stand in the middle of all this!
LOOK at these YUMMY buttons

I came home with these buttons in red....aren't they the cutest? And look at the spiral ones behind....Wow...I wish I could have them all!
Her arrangements of colors are awesome....this vendor sure knows how to entice the customer...BUT...her stuff is to die for and the enticement is well welcomed by all!
It's good to laugh even about the serious stuff in life......


Here is some of the weird stuff I see "On The Road" when traveling
On my way to Worcester, MA...I knew something bad was happening. State troopers from every direction had their lights and sirens on. Every bridge and exit was full of cops. About 2 miles up, there was a barricade and troopers both ways , even the local police from all the towns were in on this. I never found out what the situation was.
Oh No!!! I'm not ready for the Asylum!!!
The last night of the venue, there was a Grateful Dead Concert at the DCU Center, A Heavy Metal Concert at the Palladium and then there were us quilters.......interesting combo...especially the clothing of all....Tie-dye Dead Heads, Black clothing, mega tattoos, multi colored hair metal heads and then...quilted clothing and purses all walking the streets at the same time. LOTS of these kind of buses in the the area too...
And then for my weird finds of the day.......
An Umbrella Dryer
Moveable, portable benches
And as always, thanks for stopping by my blog. I have alot of fun bringing you what I see, find and think. Let me know what your thoughts are by leaving me a comment.
Till the next time.........Linda
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