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November 6, 2010

Quilt Market, My fave quilt at the show,The things I buy, Your color fix for today

Back from Quilt Market - the trade show of all trade shows
I must admit that I was in happy color overload and that is something hard to believe for myself. I was asked what color I thought was the dominant one, but for me, I don't see dominance, instead I see a wonderful melody of colors colliding and romancing one another. That's how I see it. Aside from all the new things out on the market, my favorite part is seeing the ingenious minds that put together spectacular booth set ups.

I have always lusted over a long arm sit down machine and this year I sat and played with the Handi Quilter Sweet 16 and "sweet" it is.Debby Brown, a fellow quilt instructor,Handi Quilter Educator, Facebook Friend and now real friend guided me through everything I needed to know for sewing on this baby. I am giving the Sweet 16 some serious thought.

I couldn't stop walking past this booth. It made me want to immediately go and modge podge my bicycle with fabric. I just may do that one day!
I met with Alex Veronelli and Davide from Aurifil. Yes, I am on the Aurifil Designer Program, and I have to say that this thread is super wow-wow to me. The colors are endless and I truly love the feel of the different weights. I have a mega amount at home and I can't wait to start on some new projects with them. (Promise to post pics when they are done)

 Quilt Market fell over the Halloween date and her is my good friend Debbie Caffrey in her booth Debbie's Creative Moments" wearing her Robin Hood Costume. I did go by as much as I could to give her a potty break but at one point she told me "It's like wearing a wedding dress" meaning it's not so easy to want that potty break!
Quilt Market is a different animal compared to Quilt Festival. It's the business end of things. You don't see much in the way of quilty clothes and packs of huddled quilters giggling through the aisles. (But yes, I did see some fun people sporting pink hair and Halloween costumes!)
Such a nice and simple booth display. I really liked this one.

An here is my Seahorse Quilt from my "Seahorse" fabric line hanging in the Avlyn Booth with the little beach bag I mad hanging on top with it. If you would like to order some, click HERE, it's at the bottom of the post.

The New Gizmo's I Found at Market and Loved
I almost walked past this booth until I saw that pink thing make magic, well to me it was! It's by Imaginisce and is called a itop button and brad maker. I will be buying one and making covered buttons. It also does magnetic closures for purses!

 And then there is another "must have" by Clover called the Flower Frill Templates that makes these very cool frilly flowers in seconds. I have to have this also.
Susan Brubaker Knapp has excellent pictures with a pictorial tutorial on these being made. So after reading my blog, go take a peak.
 I must admit that it is so peaceful and quiet to see all the quilts hung before Quilt Festival even begins. My all time favorite is Hollis Chatelaine's "Innocence". I went back to this quilt three times and always saw something new.Please take some time to visit this link called "Imagine Hope" which is near and dear to her heart.

I could resist to show you this quilt. It is made up entirely of yo-yo's. If anyone knows the quiltmakers name, please let me know. My camera acted funky and my picture of the quilters name was all blurry. :-(

Things I have bought...just because....

I am on the road alot. I don't get the time to spend in the stores shopping, so wherever I am that is where I do my purchasing...... or online. Amazon to me has just about everything with great explanations, pictures and prices. One of the "color fixes" I needed were these gorgeous Derwent pencils. Yes, I am a color anything junkie!

I found this and I am tickled about it. As soon as it arrives I am painting the letters and the heart in with my paints made to paint on surfaces like this. YAY!!!!

 And while in the Hilton hotel lobby at Quilt Market, I saw this lady reading her kindle and I had to ask her about the colors on it. I didn't know you could buy a "skin" for your Kindle. This is the one I chose to buy. They have all kinds but I didn't want anything to be to distracting to my reading and I think it's so pretty!

And what am I reading.....The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. I love it!

click on pics to go to Roolen's blog. (just added caption)

It felt good to get a Color Fix back on the blog. I'll have more quilt market photos to share over the next posts, but in the mean time I have to tackle my to-do list. Ugh. I promised no more procrastination....
  1. Clean my coffee maker with vinegar and water
  2. Change the summer clothes out with the winter clothes....sniffle
  3. Pack for my Personal Development Seminar coming up soon
  4. Cut Seahorse fat quarter packet orders and get them into the mail
  5. Vacuum the car out and windex the windows. (my least fave thing to do)
  6. Wash the house window......yuk yuk yuk....but I will be so happy when they are all sparkly!
Thanks for stopping by and I love comments. Leave them here...yes, right here on this blog...please??? :-)
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