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October 20, 2009

My new fabric line "Iridescence",Houston Market,Festival,Classes,Quilted Gowns, Funnies, Color Fix

I worked hard, had more fun than I ever imagined and I am so proud to finally present to all of you my very first fabric line with Avlyn Fabrics titled "Iridescence". This was a true labor of love that I enjoyed every single moment while painting and illustrating.This collection portrays my personality and outlook on life everyday....colorful, positive and just genuinely happy to be in a profession where I love what I am doing every day!

What I hope for is that you, the quilter, sewer and fabric lover is to become inspired, uplifted and smile when you use this collection.

Whimsical, beautiful and full of movement with a little bit of sparkle. Iridescence
features swirling dragonflies, colorful garden flowers with outlines of metallic gold and an intricate yet delicate medallion pattern.

Avlyn's booth...busy, busy, busy at work taking fabric orders!!!
One of the great things about being at Houston Market is being able to catch up with some of my buddies and seeing people I haven't seen in ages.

Brint Fanniza my favorite scissor guy and friend and his wife Michaelann
Pat Sloan....way in the back and Hollis Chatelaine

My applique buddy, Beth Ferrier

Charlotte Angotti, who also made this spooky quilt for Henry Glass Booth

Kaffee Fasset

Debbie Caffrey's booth full of great mysteries

Barb Vlack of Electric Quilts
I wish I had taken pics of so many more of my quilt buddies, but sometimes our gift of gabbing overtakes the memory to actually take the camera out of the purse......

And I just loved to see all the great booth displays that oozed with creativity and colors.

And seeing of my favorite designers was a real treat for me!
Amy Butler
Heather Bailey

Mega Mega kudos to you Caryl for your Best of Show Quilt. It is truly is a labor of love and moved me. I am so happy for you my friend!
You just have to admire those that make quilted pants and wear them to festival. These gals were a hoot and gladly let me photograph them!

You "want" or "need" fabric? Does it really matter? This was "THE" place to go....oodles and oodles of aisles of pretties just waiting for you to take them home.

Need some sparklies? No need to go far. Again, many aisles of sparkly beads,
buttons and baubles.
Classes I taught at Quilt Festival:
Floral Sun Dance

Wish all my pics were in focus and I could post more....but let me just say that my class was not just fun, but lively and lots of laughs. I love this pic! Doesn't it look like part of her applique piece is her fingernail?

The Wild Rose (click)
Jam packed class, and we had a ball!

In between being at Market and Festival, I made a trip to lecture at teach for the QUEST quilt guild in Little Rock, Arkansas
Shirley Chai, the program chairman for QUEST brought me to a fantastic eatery in downtown Little Rock. I usually don't post pics of my food or restaurants, but this one is a MUST. GO THERE if you are ever in Little Rock.

The Flying Fish is a blast. Click on the name for their website.
The outside of the building has old boat motors attached to it, but it gets better......

Yep, inside is where you can surrender, get rid of...ok...put up for adoption your Billy Bass Fish plaque. Got one of them? Don't care for it? Is it annoying to you? Send it here.

You'll even find people who decorated theirs before sending it off.

And everywhere you'll find fish with wings on them,
I loved the liars wall.....too funny!
And way up high, you'll find old fishing tackle boxes.
Shirley took me out to the river where I loved this sculptor and studied the artistry of it.

We went to the art museum too

And one of my highlights was getting to meet my online quilt group buddy Sherrie Dodds. We never met, but have known one another forever.
Patchwork and Quilted Gowns
And back to my normal oddities that I find related to quilting and sewing. Did you know that gowns were made of patchwork? I didn't, but here they are. They are stunning? Don't you think so too?

Your Quilting Funny For Today

Your Color Fix For Today

Thanks for taking all that time to read through my blog. I know it was longer than my usual posts, but I had so much to share and I truly appreciate you visiting. Please leave a comment, I love them!!!! Till the next post.....Linda
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