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February 4, 2009

More Inspiration, Zoie News and Your Color Fix of the Day

The Inspiration Behind the Quilt

I can't tell you how lucky I feel that I get to teach all over the world! I wanted to share with you a wonderful inspiration of an architectural design I saw in a mosque in Turkey a few years back when I was invited to teach by the Turkish Minister of Culture to represent America at their first Quilt Show there. Lo and behold, at this Turkish Quilt Show was a beautiful applique quilt that was framed. It was the same design that I saw. I love when quilters are inspired by what they see and then interpret them into a quilt. This is what lead me to further investigate what other quilters do when they see something amazing on a trip, or what is in their own towns or countries. It took me a long time to contact quilters around the world and put together a digital lecture to present to quilt guilds and shows. I knew right away that I had to name it "A Quilted Journey Around the World".

Keep tuned to my blog to see more of these great inspirations and their quilts right here. Better yet, subscribe to this blog or click on the words "Follow this blog" on the right hand side. I truly do love sharing what I see and learn!!

Of course I told mom to post an updated picture of me since I am growing so fast. Mom wishes there was something she could give me to make me stay small, but I like my din-din ALOT and it is making me into a fully fledged true bonafided Corgi...ya know, long with little legs. My new game I play in the house when it's snowing a real lot outside is to "herd" the coffee table. I now can run really fast around it 18 times. It's no flock of sheep, or cows, but it's the biggest thing around the living room. Did you know Corgi's herd? Yep, and I love herding the little kids that come off the school bus to say hi to me. They think I'm funny! Mom tells me I'm funny all the time! :-)

Your Color Fix For Today

February 1, 2009

Groundhog Day - Journal your Quilts - Color Fix for Today

Groundhog Day
I shudder when I think that Punxsutawney Phil may see his shadow tomorrow and bring 6 more weeks of winter....brrrrrr! I've seen enough snow this winter in Milford, Pa and I am more than ready for Spring to arrive. I found some really great info on the history of Ground Hog Day and thought I would like to share it with you. Just click on the word: Ground Hog or go to the official site to see what all the hoopla is in Punxsutawney, PA.

Keeping a Journal for your Quilts

Are you keeping a journal for your quilts? As quilters,I think it's something very important we should be doing. If you haven't started to record your quilts, it's a great time to begin NOW! Not only is it a good progress report for yourself, but just think of all the time and research you'll save future generations.
Your quilts are important whether they are your beginner quilts, award winning ones or those you have given as gifts.Your creations will be telling a story to the future. You'll also get to see how fabrics have changed, or maybe your choice of technique has changed from your beginning quilts.
There are quilt journals you can purchase, or you can simply make your own by punching them to fit a 3 ring binder, stapling them together or keeping your pages in a scrapbook or folder. Over time, you will be amazed at just how many quilts you have made. Make your journal a place that is enjoyable for you to enter your info. Cut snippets of fabrics, then glue,staple or tape them on the pages. You can keep a computer file if you like and access them at any time, just be sure to copy them on a disc or back them up. Below is an example of what a quilt journal page can look like and the info that is needed. Perhaps you can think of more info you would like to add, but the main thing is :Keep a "Journal for Yourself" and for the future quilt makers and Historians,


I just love the painted steps in all those great colors!
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