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June 27, 2014

Lots happening in my world!

 I have been blessed with lots of work this year and for that I am grateful. Being self employed as a traveling quilt instructor and lecturer takes alot of preparation and work, but I always say that it is better to be busy and loving what you do rather than doing something that doesn't bring happiness to you.

Early March I was blessed once again with another Grandchild, this time a little boy, so having a little granddaughter Gabriella who just graduated preschool and grandson Dante is double the joy!

Lots of exciting things about to happen on the horizon.

And now for your 
Color Fix for Today
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March 20, 2014

Oh Happy Spring!

OH HAPPY DAY! Spring has arrived and I am happier than ever, even if there is still snow on the ground. I feel I got away with murder this winter. I have been on the road lecturing and teaching a lot since the first of January. A total of 9 guilds and national quilt shows kept me busy, brought my face into the sunshine and when I came home, even the 3+ feet of snow didn't bother me. It did feel like a game of Russian roulette each and every time I was at the airport with possible snow storms or a blizzard to disrupt my flight, but I got lucky each time.

I was also  humbled and grateful to have amazing students in my workshops which were sold out. I have made some nice friends all over the country!

"Color Me Beautiful" workshop in Phoenix, AZ
Quilt Guild of Greater Houston, Houston TX
Out on a Limb Workshop

Golden Needles, Conroe, TX
"Whimsey" workshop

Pelham Quilters Guild, Pelham NY
Color Me Beautiful workshop
Phoenix, AZ
Little Bird workshop
Phoenix, AZ
Little Helpers workshop
 Doing the All Star review at the AQS show in Phoenix
Quilting Sisters Retreat Cruise to the western Caribbean

And what am I doing now? Making workshop kits. 270 of them for my classes through April and May.
Some of the things that brighten me to no end are when my students are so excited to send me pictures of their workshop quilts. I get tickled. It's like the grand kids came home for a bit!

So, for the next couple months, if you are in the area....come take a workshop with me or say "HI"!
Best places to see a good photo of the classes is on my website under "classes"
Are you coming to the NQA show? I have some awesomeness happening there in my classes!

Till the next something you have never may just surprise yourself!
 If you are interested in booking me for a lecture/workshop....write me an email

January 9, 2014

Every year I pick a word to focus on and the word "Balance" seems to be perfect for me. 2013 was a whirlwind of non stop activity and this year will be double fold. 
Ahhh! Such is the life of a traveling quilt lecturer and instructor.! 
I like to be busy, it makes life interesting and keeps me out of trouble! 

This is the year I will start to become more mindful of what I am eating. Extra weight on those hips does not make for easy lugging and heaving of all those suitcases at the airport. 
This is also the year I need to balance my work schedule. Working 13 hours days and not sleeping well because the brain is in super drive only brings on those dark under eye circles.

So what have I started to do about this? I am scheduling "me" time in my day. I forget about "me" a lot and am that energizer bunny that doesn't stop. I eat at my desk, or work station or wherever i am working, creating or sewing. That has stopped. I actually sit down now. At a table.

I am taking one thing at a time until it becomes a healthy habit. 

 I have been working away on creating new classes for "Painted Applique".

 Keep your eyes peeled here for an update on what will be happening with these pumpkins in an upcoming 2 day workshop .
  In a few weeks I'll be leaving for Phoenix, AZ to teach for the AQS Quilt show there. In the All Star Review, I'll be demoing how to do Painted Applique with this cute Fishy quilt.
 Little Bird workshop has "Sold Out" at the AQS show. Good News? You can always suggest me to your guild for this workshop!

I have been very busy making kits for upcoming classes!
End of February take me off to Belize, Mexico, and Honduras where I'll be teaching on a cruise. Good Night Moon is going to be so much fun for these ladies to be working on. I'll be sure to show class pics!

Your Color Fix for Today

We've had some below zero day and nights here and my little Zoie is fashioning her new coat from her Grandma and Grandpa's gift for Christmas. Love the quilted bones in the coat design!

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