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November 3, 2011

I truly applaud those that can successfully multitask. I really do. For the first time ever, I can honestly admit that I am not good at it. I am not talking about emptying the dishwasher while talking on the phone or throwing the dog a Frisbee while raking the leaves, I am talking about how life is a "Hurry Up" world and "Get as much as you can done" in your day. It causes anxiety and can ultimately be a downer at the end of the day when you see you didn't get all you wanted to do finished. In a world where we are practically tethered to our smart phones, computers iPads, tablets and endless technology, you would think everything would be easier. For a while I thought making detailed To Do Lists would be my answer. The lists seemed to get longer and multi tasking would be my answer. How can a creative person with to many ideas in her head accomplish this?

For a person who loves to cook, I found that preparing healthy meals became a burden and I opted for the quick and easy. Not good. Fitting in exercise or an annual check up at the doctors went on the back burner. Even Zoie my pup, went to the wayside just a little bit. It was easier to open the door to let her do her business that putting the leash on and taking her for a proper walk. I found myself starting designs and having 4-5 quilts going at the same time. I can handle only 3 at one time to prevent boredom.

I am not a one man band able to juggle multiple instruments. I am going back to my tried and true trusty notebook brain. The place where I list my urgent things to do on the left side and my want to do's on the right side. Walking that tight rope is not what I want for my life. Even proper sleep is neglected so I can do "just one more thing". So, for me to wrap up this year and start fresh in 2012, I have decided to put that leash on Zoie and walk her. It will be good for my mind as well as for those extra pounds I carry. I will not stress my life being disappointed if I cannot get to something right there and then while trying to do another task. No more I say. I am living in the present moment from now on and making sure that whatever it is I am doing, I do it well and with passion...not half way. Anyone else want to join me?


Life is good and I feel extraordinarily elated. 

I am not so sure if I lead an ordinary life, but I married my best friend late September. Our ceremony was on The Delaware river, a place that is near and dear to our hearts.

Billie Jo, my best friend for life and maid of honor shares with me what we do best - belly laughs!

My dad and I

And of course, our flower girl was grand daughter Gabriella
It's that time again, where I work on new designs for new classes for the following year . It's not finished yet, but would this not look fabulous on your table as a runner or a skinny quilt on your wall? I named this "Blooming Hearts"...well the name came from the help of friends!

I have been working on adding applique to painting on fabric. I painted the trees on fabric and then added these little hearts on line with words that are important to me. It is something new I am developing for a class! How does "Hearts on the Line" sound to you for a name?

If you are a guild program person, email me for my online brochure for 2012 . My email addy is at the top right of this blog.

Are you on Facebook? If you are, come see what I am doing and join me on my Quilt/Art page: Linda M Poole's Facebook Page


 So, another blog done with joy and I didn't answer a phone or multitask or do anything else while writing this. Ok....I admit I let the pup out to do her business, but that doesn't count now does it?

......I recently taught for CQC (Colorado Quilt Council) in Colorado Springs, CO. My personal attendant, now friend, Lynda Bruce ( a die hard geo-cacher) showed me all the awesomeness of her state during my visit.
Yes, I learned about geo-caching from Lynda and we found the treasure!

Thanks everyone for stopping by. I really hope you leave a comment here on the blog!

Linda xxx
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