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February 6, 2010

More Quilt Cakes-Everday Quilt Designs-Quilting Adventures-Your Color Fix for Today

If you didn't see all my prevoius posts of quilt cakes click HERE
I found a picture from a few years back of my sister and I (on the left) holding the Super Bowl Trophy. More info and what this picture is all about can be found by clicking : HERE.

Everyday Quilt Designs
I saw these tiles while shopping in The Villages in Florida.

Can you believe that paper clips can make a quilt?
I am sure you can see the quilt design in this crop circle. Makes me want to pull some fabric out!

A little bragging on my part...
How I love this Grand baby Gabriella....perfect baby if you ask me!
After visiting my parents in Florida,we decided to make some stops on the way home. One of them was in Savannah, GA and the other was in Richmond, VA.
My friend Joyce owns QUILTING ADVENTURES Quilt Shop. It makes me crazy when my time is limited, I could have spent all day looking around. Her shop is HAPPY and loaded with all kinds of goodies for every type of quilter. I highly recommend you stop in when in Richmond, VA.

Joyce has a blog too!!!

I thought it would be great fun to do something different for "Your Color Fix for Today" for my February Valentine's Day/Month post. Usually I have all kinds of different, vibrant colors, but I thought it would be fun to post "Red/Pink" things we all use in our sewing room. I hope you enjoy it ! I'll resume back to the regular color fixes after this post.....but all in all, I think these colors will get your mojo going too! Let me know!

Who knew there were red sewing machines? Makes me want to have one now!

Don't know about you, but without glasses I'm a stitching fool! Mine are orange, now I want red!

I love, love, love this idea!

Thank you all for stopping by.Something new I the very top of the blog page is a Google search of my blog. If you are looking for something special here, just type the words in and it will show up with that blog post! Cool!!!
Hope you leave a comment, it makes my day! Where's the comment area you ask? It's in very little letters that say "Comment" underneath this post!

And I leave you with these pictures. That's my little Zoie with her few last Frisbee tosses while waiting for the "big snow" that starts tonight. I try to exercise her as much as possible while she can still see above the snow!

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