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October 3, 2012

It's been just gosh darn way to long since I blogged. Yes, I decided to call it a sabbatical, a very much need one.This year has been a crazy one for me.Three major things happened. One being my wonderful 83 year old dad had a shoulder replacement and while in the hospital for that they discovered a very big bladder stone that also had to be removed.His recovery was a long one,many months of therapy, but there is nothing more joyous than to see your father's smile and humor return knowing he is pain free.

Photo: I can't stand it anymore. I want to show all the quilts from the new book to be. All 22 of them...okay..I still have just a couple more to finish up. Here is a tiny peek of a little little section of one of the quilts! <grin>. While your that "Like" button if you haven't done so cause they'll be more little peeks as time goes on...and share my link on your page if you like! :-)
Another major event was that I submitted a book proposal to my publisher AQS and after being accepted, I have been nonstop making quilts (22 of them, I must say) and then there is the pattern writing and all that fun stuff that gets put into the book. This will be my fourth published book and just when you think you've mastered the whole book writing process, things change. For every pattern, there will be two ways to make the quilt. One being my technique for applique and the other.....painting applique!

Of course I can't show you any of the quilts...but I can give some sneak peaks every now and then! I have posted a couple over on my Facebook Quilt/Art page. Hope you'll come over and join me there. CLICK HERE
And my third event this year was celebrating my first wedding anniversary to my best friend and the love of my life Ray.
So blogging commences....more so after the manuscript deadline passes (mid Nov.)
STAY TUNED for TWO very big and exciting announcement coming from me in my next blog post....Oh Yeah!!!! They are exciting in deed. Color fixes will be back too!

Later gators!...Linda

January 28, 2012


My "focus" word for 2012 is DETERMINATION
As an artist and creative person, I start out with great intentions to design and create. There comes many times where my focus goes by the wayside because I am off to something new and before I know it, my brain is scrambled with multitudes of more ideas than I can do in a day. I have my trusty notepad where I now scribble down ideas and sketch if I need to. 
I will focus this year on being determined to stay the course of one to two designs at a time.
I printed out my quote on fabric from my inject printer and used Derwent Inktense pencils to doodle around the words. These pencils are activated with water or anything wet. 
I have now started beautiful shading on my applique quilts. 
My next blog post will show you more on this technique using many different products to use for shading!

Amazing I say!
Just when I thought I saw all the wonderful and creative cakes sculpted to look like quilts, I came across cupcakes adorned with fabulous sewing and quilt motifs. One day when my life slows down, which I think it will never do, I want to try my hand at making these. Here is the best part....there are tutorials to make these from the "frostedcakencookie blog"!!!!
For the tutorial on the sewing machine cupcake, CLICK HERE

And the tutorial for the spool of thread, CLICK HERE
IT GETS BETTER!!!!! There's a QUILT!
Tutorial for the quilt, CLICK HERE

This blog is one of the most Happy, Colorful and Creative Sight I have seen in a long time. Peruse it, bookmark it and then come back here to finish reading my blog.......the cupcake blog is addictive!

What do you do with all your 
empty spools of thread?

For some strange reason, I have been saving all my empty spools of thread to make something wonderful with them. I have all sizes, some plastic and some are wooden from yard sale finds. 
Maybe these ideas will spark something creative inside of you too!


Willimantic's Frog Bridge, officially known as the Thread City Crossing, connects Routes 66 and 32 across the Willimantic River and a rail line. Its distinctive architectural motifs -- four 11-foot frogs atop giant spools of thread -- remind passersby of the city's history, and create a can't-miss landmark.
 For the fascinating story behind this CLICK HERE

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January 3, 2012

No resolutions for me this year, my teaching brochure,what I have been working on,Fun stuff and Your color fix for today

I just can't do it this year. Seems every year I sit with this blank sheet  staring at me as I firmly grip my pen waiting to write miraculous recoveries for my life.
Believe me when I tell you that I want to write amazing awesomeness, but I always regress to the good old standby's....lose weight, eat healthy, exercise blah blah blah. Resolutions work for alot of people, and I commend those that can sincerely write them down and follow through,or at least try.

Me? I have this inner self that fights things when I have to do something that I know it right, but now it's written down with a deadline. Not for me. Why? Because my life changes minute to minute. Deadlines loom, creativity muses knock on your door when they feel like it and if I have to walk a certain amount of steps in....say the morning and Ms. Creativity Muse has a different agenda for me, and well....I will agonize about not meeting a resolution goal and feel bad about it to distraction.

I do the best I can everyday. I am more of a list maker and some may say that I make daily resolutions. I say, it My To Do List and it's just the nature of the beast for being in business for myself.
Oh I do have goals for sure, but they aren't resolutions. I just don't "do" resolutions well and I am good with that. I now can breath easier knowing I will not be making them.

What I have been working on...
The last quarter of every year is devoted to designing, writing and making new quilts for the upcoming year's classes. I have loved  making each of these new quilts and here is why:

I have named this quilt "A Bunch of Happy" because that is exactly how it made me feel through every process of making this quilt.My objective in this class is offering the students a choice of making the pattern provided in their kit or teach them to create their own happy bouquet by rearranging the flowers. Layering flowers on top of other flowers provides for interesting new flowers and that's a bonus!
I was at a loss for a quilt title, so I asked on Facebook for suggestions. They were all awesome...seriously! I decided to go with "Hearts United" given by Cecelia Cushing. My technique is machine quilting with glue-stick and wash away sheets. Everything I do can be applied with freezer paper, but I really like wash away sheets (soon to be available through me on my website store being relaunched mid January). The objective in this class is to take the fear out of points, believe me, your points will be pointy and curves will be curvy! Pick your favorite word or name or monogram and I will teach you to have it inked on your fabric in no time!
"Hearts Desire" can be a table-runner or turn it vertically for a skinny quilt. I wanted to create something fun and whimsical with just enough going on without being overwhelming.I love teaching anything with bias tape and in your class kit comes all the pre-made fusible bias tape but I will teach you to make your own designer bias tape. (Who knows, maybe you want something with lots of color in it!)
The Hummingbird isn't exactly new, but I did a redo of the quilt and I think it is one of my loveliest class offerings. 

My Brochure 
I also have worked hard on creating my PDF brochure to post online to make it easier for quilt guild program chairs or show chairs to view. Here is the first page of the brochure.....well, you get the idea!
Can I ask you share it with your quilt guild? :-)
Let me know if you have questions, just zip me an email to

  Some Fun Now......

YES..I really own these!
I found these at the pharmacy while waiting for my prescription. (My pharmacist wears these too) I love these and I can't tell you how much it helps when I am sewing hand work or reading at night. 

So, my curiosity got the best of me and I went searching for what other lighted accessories were out there. Why can I see myself getting these for the fun of it?

 Nov. '11 I went on creative retreat with some good friends. I don't know how they hid this from me, but they threw me  a red neck wedding reception. (Yep...I tied the knot Sept '11) Yes...a dime store wedding gown for me and they all dressed in thrift store prom/ball gowns. I have been sworn to secrecy to never show these pictures...but here is one of the consumed bottles of wine with my private label...hence the play on words "Bridlewood".

 I love these chairs...not just for their colors but I can imagine how comfy these feel! 

I do wish each and everyone of you the most joyous, beautiful,peaceful, loving, healthy and creative year EVER! Happy beautiful 2012.
 Thank you for stopping by..I would love for you to leave a comment, join this blog and share my brochure with your program person...a girl can hope, wish and dream...and dreams do come true....right? (big smile)
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