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August 5, 2010

Iridescence Small Quilt and Fabric Object Contest

I have been filled with anticipation on launching this small quilt contest along with fabric objects.
I promise's easy peasy lemon squeezy!
The Quilt Top rules:
  • Finished quilt top: 40" x 40" (want to go larger...knock yourself out, but not required - oh, and notice I said it only has to be a quilt top? Want to quilt it? Of course you can, but you don't have to!)
  • The yard panel or a yard of stripe is required and must be someplace in the quilt top (not so bad, huh? and don't feel you have to use the whole yard either, just has to be in there)
  • Three of the supporting fabrics must be in it (example: 2 of the dragonfly fabrics and one of the medallions...or visa versa or 3 medallions or 3 get the idea, right?)
  • Add three of your own fabrics
  • Pieced or appliqued or's up to you. Want to make 3D, origami, fused, paint over it? Anything goes.
  • Put your thinking caps on, design your own pattern, use your favorite pattern, make it simple or not's your quilt, so just go for it....but YOU HAVE TO HAVE FUN!
  • DUE DATE: Pictures must be sent to me by October 4th to
  • PRIZES!!! OH YEAH....there are prizes! See at the end of the blog post
Close up of floral panel square. All four are different

Green Medallion
Light Blue, Blue, Light Green Medallion
Light green dragonflies
Purple,Light Blue and Green Dragonflies
Consists of 6 floral squares. each being 10.5" with enough to cut 1/4" seam allowances around each one  



The Stripe's not so hard, right?
The Fabric Object Contest
  • Same requirements as above
  • You can make anything you want (all in good taste please) I am talking pincushions, cover your ironing board, line your baskets,make an apron, or outfit your baby or grand baby, pet beds, pet collars,cover your cork board,needle cases,purses, totes, men's ties, laundry sacks,curtains, valences,cover your dining room chairs...I know you can do and the ideas are endless
  • Same due date as above and pictures to my email. are the how and when's and why's...
You can purchase your fabric from a quilt shop or an online quilt shop...oh and of course you can order through me....and.....
I will sign your selvage if you purchase a panel (only if you want me to!)

Who will judge?
Us of course. I will put up a voting button with a number under all the it's best to get every single one of your friends and family members to subscribe to my blog. (Perty please?)
I know you were waiting for this part!
  • FIRST PLACE: Wins one yard of each sku from the entire Seahorse Collection which I designed. It's rich and full of color.
  • SECOND PLACE: 20...YES 20 fat quarters of the surf collection from Avlyn Fabrics.(not to shabby, huh?)
  • THIRD PLACE: 10 fat quarters of the Surf Collection (don't worry, I'll choose you nice colors)
  • HONORABLE MENTION (well of course there is an honorable mention, I like to give away fabric!) 5 Fat quarters of Sur
  • Where To Order Fabric:
(just type in Iridescence in the search bar on the top)
Linda M. Poole
(that's me!)
You can email me your order at
Order a yard of the panel and I'll sign your selvage (but you gotta tell me!)
1 Yard - $9.00
1/2 yard - $4.50
Fat quarter - $2.25
You can PayPal me by going to  
and using my email:
Shipping charges are based on the value of the merchandise being purchased. For orders being shipped within the United States, the standard shipping charges are as follows:
Purchases up to $10.00 $2.99
from 10.01 to 20.00   3.99
20.01 to 30.00   4.99
30.01 to 40.00   5.99
40.01 to 60.00   6.99
60.01 to 100.00   7.99
over 100.00   8.99

  •  Canadian Shipments:     The amount shown above plus $9.00
  •  Foreign Shipments:     The amount shown above plus $15.00

And One Last Thing
Thank you to every single one of you! 
So many of you have seen me from the day I submitted my art and now share with me the day my  first collection is here.
Have a blog? Will you post a link to my blog?
On face book? Will you share a post linking to this contest?
Belong to a guild? Will you tell them about this contest?
Belong to quilting groups online or in person? Will you share this blog???
Want to connect with a young quilter-to-be? Get them involved in the contest!
I thank you for supporting your quilt shops and if you order from me...thank you so much!
Much love, Linda
Now go and create wonderful things!!!!

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