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June 23, 2009

Sewing Needles re-purposed,Laugh,Go Play,A normal day where I live,Your Color Fix for Today

Sewing Needles Re-purposed
Talented Willard Wigan has carved Mr Obama and his family into the eye of a 24-carat gold needle. Speaking in Los Angeles, as he was about to launch his first American exhibition, Willard revealed: 'My favorite piece has to be President Barack Obama and his family.
Born in 1957 in Birmingham, Willard Wigan began his artistic life at a tender age. Suffering from dyslexia and learning difficulties, he struggled at school, finding solace in creating art of such minute proportions that it virtually could not be seen with the naked eye.
“It began when I was five years old,” says Willard. “I started making houses for ants because I thought they needed somewhere to live. Then I made them shoes and hats. It was a fantasy world I escaped to where my dyslexia didn’t hold me back and my teachers couldn’t criticize me. That’s how my career as a micro-sculptor began.”

Willard’s work is described as “the eighth wonder of the world”. One of the specifically commissioned works includes the replica of the iconic Lloyds of London Building. This piece was later auctioned by Eric Knowles of Bonhams. Willard was subsequently honored with receiving an MBE from HRH Prince Charles for his services to art.

Unsurprisingly, Willard’s life is now attracting significant attention from the literary and film industries alike, each eager to secure his life story.

Something I did a little while back. I wanted to use paints to make this sun looking blazing hot. It was a fun little project that ended up being 8.5" x 11". I think it's important to just play with your ideas sometimes. It takes little effort to spend a 1/2 day or so to get those niggling ideas out of your head and into fabrics. It's even better if you need that rest in between projects, a creative block or to break up monotony on something you are working on for a very long time. Go play!
I Love my Dad!!
Happy Father's Day are and always will be my hero!

Just a Normal Day Where I Live
I spotted this young male bear and was thankful I had my camera!Pike county, PA has one of the largest population of Black Bear.
He's a mighty fine looking young man if I say so myself. No zooming for this picture...he was right there in front of my car and I was excited.
Bye bye big fella.....enjoy your journey!

Everytime I look at this picture, I can't but help to see a quilt. I am in love with these tiles and especially the design. It makes for a nice cheery spring time quilt.


What a week it has been for me. I guess this is my year for sorting, gifting, re-purposing,charitable contributions,organizing and throwing away. Yes, I am talking about my stuff. I really don't need, no....I'm not talking about my quilting/sewing/crafting stuff...I'm talking about everything else...those nik nak-y things I've collected over the years. I have just grown out of them and I want to live more simply...without all the clutter and dusting. I feel better that I have found homes for lots of it and I also feel better that I can donate alot to charities.
So, that's what I have been up to and I almost see the light to all of this un-cluttering....
yippeee for me!
Hope you enjoyed your time here and by all means....please leave a comment, tell your friends about this place and if you like, become a follower so you get all the updates immediently! (Click on the right side of the page where it says follow")
Till the next time.........Linda


ooglebloops said...

Always love your color fixes!!
I'm de-cluttering also - such a long, drawn out process!!!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

A bird with a french fry! Indeed. boy did that make me laugh as my Qwerty 'keet LOVES french fries. Thanks for the laugh. Love your blog. Bluee

Karen Newman Fridy said...

Your blog is a day brightener! Thanks for the smiles and color fixes

Anonymous said...

The color fixes are just grand Linda. The spiral one is today's inspiration. Once I get through the two quilts I'm currently working on I'm setting up small pieces to play with. Thanks so much for the suggestion!


Anna Rice said...

lovely blog here, bookmarked it for sure. Love the colors for the day - especially the technicolor cat tongue. You are a lovely sharing spirit...

Linda M. Poole said...

OOglebloops - I hear ya...decluttering seems to be never ending!

Bluee - You really do give your bird frenchfries???

Karen - Thank you! Glad I made you smile!!!

Teri - Can't wait to see your creations from inspirations!!!

Anna- Thank you so much! Isn't that cat's tongue a hoot?

Sherri D said...

Love your "Sun" and it does sizzle! I picture YOU with a bathroom decorated just the way that lime one is in your blog too. :D

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda, I have pictures and as soon as I find where they are on the computer will add it to my blog. Bluee

wanda-art. said...

Hi Linda
your works are beautiful, I like them very much, for me the color is very important, Happy New Year,
Hugz, Wanda

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