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January 6, 2009

Feeling that creative energy again

I am feeling the urge to create today. It must be the lack of sun outside, the greyness that is all around me on a cold, bone chilling wintry morning. I can feel that creative energy right down to my fingertips just waiting to release something wonderful. I get that feeling quite often, don't you? And when I do, I have the need to make something right there and then, at the very moment it takes over. What you see in this picture was one of those days the quilting muse infused energy into me and screamed for something to be produced and out of me came this little 8.5" x 11" quiltlet. I gave much thought to who I was. I knew that I wanted to used my hand and show my energies. I used Paris map fabric in the hand to show that I am an avid traveler. Each orb entwined in the creative energy (bias tape) shows just a touch of who I am. I am a night owl and there you see the moon. I couldn't live if I wasn't owned by a pet, so I knew that the paw print fabric was perfect, and who can create without music?? So what do you do when the quilting bug bites you hard???


Walker Lady said...

I linked your blog to mine too dearie. :)

Lynda Lehmann said...

Hi Linda,

I relate! The quiltlet is charming.

I'm a member of WWAO and I found you on Deborah's site. I'm going to be one of your followers!

When you have a chance, stop over to see my blog, "Peripheral Vision"!

Lynda :)

Stefani said...

Your blog looks great, Linda! Congrats on the new furry friend in your life. And thanks for turning me on to the Sixty Second Motivator - I just bought it on Amazon.

Have a great day!

Anne Marie said...

Hi Linda! What a beautiful quiltlet, an absolute work of art!! I am holding a quilt retreat here at my house at the end of January and I am going to recommend that everyone take a look at your blog. All the best!

jenclair said...

I love it! What a perfect image for creative hands!

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