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January 7, 2009

Can Wintery Ice inspire us?

Can the winter inspire our art and quilts? Here in Milford, PA, I woke up to everything ice encrusted. The trees seem to weigh heavy bowing towards the ground. It was not an easy morning to walk a brand new puppy who looks at you with those big eyes saying "why, why can't we just stay inside?". Hm....well now little Zoie, let's ask your bladder that same question! The colors of this morning were indeed no rainbow to say the least. What was amazing, was looking through my camera lens,focusing in close to the icy branches. I could see myself, my very own reflection! So if you had to give "ice" a color, what would it be? I thought I would post a small quilt top I did last winter that was inspired by the winter season. It is the goddess honoring snow. This was a challenge I posted to my yahoo list and some wonderful creations were made that month of January.


(Megan) said...

I love the wintertime for this very reason! I adore the way that ice and snow can blanket the world, making it quiet and sparkly. I especially enjoy the wintery mix on trees. Driving out of town this past Christmas, I passed through a hundred or so miles of Illinois that was hit by ice, rather than the snow we got in Chicago. I wished I had a camera with me then to capture the beauty and grace of the trees, bowing under the weight of the ice, and the light shining through the ice on the branches.

Linda M. Poole said...

Isn't ice just the best when the light shines through? There is nothing as beautiful as that....well maybe rainbows and sunsets and sun rises.....let's just say that Mother Nature gives us the best art to look at and admire!

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