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April 19, 2010

Fun "not so norm" sewing machines, Personalizing your Sewing Machine, Zoie and Your Color Fix for Today

Today is paperwork day for me. And since I'm at the computer, I incorporate blogging into the day. It breaks up the monotony of paperwork.
So,as I'm pushing paper (BLAH) I got to thinking about my sewing machine, of course paperwork and my sewing machine are two totally unrelated things, but that's what my brain does. It takes little vacations while I am doing boring stuff. I looked at my machine and thought how naked she looked. I love her dearly. We have spent many a long night creating wonderful things. She needed some spice, something...anything. And that is the beginning to the unfolding of customizing her, giving her a personality. This is only the beginning......

I asked on facebook if anyone was bold enough to bling up their machine, and Pam Joy Spencer Dransfeldt piped up and said she had bling on her longarm and the pictures followed. Pam is a custom longarm quilter under the name The Joyful Quilter
.If your on facebook...go friend her

SNOWBOARD STAR AND HIS SEWING MACHINE For three hours, five of the country's hottest up-and-coming snowboarders, working with an odd assortment of Wal-Mart fabrics, cut out and sew letters onto their shirts. The letters spell the word "Frends," which is what the crew (these five, plus riders Scotty Lago and Kevin Pearce) christened itself. Later, after everyone has gone, Davis assembles his pièce de résistance: six squares of fabric, cut from a tie-dyed Doors flag, sewn haphazardly onto the front panels and sleeves of a black snowboarding jacket from one of his sponsors, the Burton brand Analog.Read more "here"
Buried in a Sewing Machine?
At first I thought this was a long arm, but it isn't. It is a coffin made in Ghana.
A coffin designed for a seamstress is decorated with a sewing machine. It can take up to a month to make the coffins, which are kept at the carpenter's until the funeral day.
It's considered bad luck to bring the coffins home ahead of time.
If I had a doll house, I want a room in it just like this one.
Click on the pic to get these mini's
The SEW is an innovative
home appliance that combines a handy sewing machine and a beautiful lamp crafted from steel and plastic. The compact shape and lightweight construction have made it ideal for small repairs of your family member’s apparels.

Aside from that, this can become a stunning
decorative table lamp by placing the cover on it when not in use. The inner surface of the machine top houses a small, yet bright light that gets power from a regular electric point, the same source that runs the machine as well. A tiny accelerator, which remains hidden at the front part of the machine, has been incorporated that controls the pace of the machine by adjusting pressure on it by the user.
Click on the first pic to bring you to the coolest website!

Once in awhile a project comes along that’s just sooooo much fun. I just completed one of those... Read more and see more pictures of Pamela Mostek's blinged up Bernina by clicking here.

In an age where we have electric everything
, we fo
rget that things were not always so easy. This Oregon woman thought that pedaling her sewing machine was not an efficient use of her energy, so she "devised a plan whereby her sewing machine pedal could be made to do the work of several things at once.

One length of wood was fastened to the machine pedal, for the driving piston.
Another length extending over a frame work fulcrum operated the two
lengths of wood which served as connecting rods.

When all was ready, the baby’s cradle was attached to one connecting rod, and the churn to the other. Then as she sewed, the baby rocked, and as the baby rocked, the cream was churned.
Click on the pick to go to the website article
How cool are these?? I fell in love with them and had to share. What a great little idea, isn't it? The John Deere sewing machine tractor is ingenious! Click on the picture to go to the website

A Word from Zoie...
I know you are all enjoying yourself reading mommies blog.
This is what I do when she is working and blogging. I sleep, I play with my toys, I bark at the deer. I try to be good, but sometimes I just have to drop all, and I mean "all" my toys at mommies feet so she remembers that I am here. Ya know what? I do this every hour and it seems to be working, cause mom let's me outside and throws the ball.
I think I am training her well, but sometimes she catches on. sigh...oh well.
Can I ask a favor? Will you leave a comment right here on her blog and tell her she is forgetting all about making me a quilt??? :-(

I had fun today blogging about all the not so "norm" sewing machines and people who sew out there in the world. If you have a sewing machine you decorated or blinged up...please send me a picture and I will put it right here on my blog. It's fun to see what people do. Now.....if you're on facebook, come say "hi" to me and share my blog with your friends.
They can follow me by many choices on the right sidebar.
And until the next time.....Go Go Go...Sew Baby Sew



Jaye said...

There is a woman who is often at PIQF who has a very blinged up sewing machine. I don't know who it is otherwise I would pass her name on or your name on to her.

Some of your color fix pix of the day gave me a bit of tummy ache!

Hope to see a CPP response soon! Do I sound like a broken record yet?

Linda M. Poole said...

Ohhhh....maybe you will remember the bling lady another time. Color fixes....I was in a bold and colorful mood today and no don't sound like a broken record....I may surprise you one day

Linda Zokan said...

Fun post today and I love the orange "SEW" and the tractor machines - too cute!
I'll send a pic of my "blinged" machine when it's done.

Anonymous said...

Yooohoooo Linda
Color Fixes...rock
Zoie...needs a quilt and I'll quilt it for her!
Happy quilting!

Belly Designs said...

I would like a lamp sewing amchine please...oh dear...its just a concept...sobb!!!!

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