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January 19, 2009

As Mary Tyler Moore would say.....

I was looking through some photos today and remembered when I was teaching in Minneapolis, Minnesota, one of the guild members took me on a great tour of the city. I knew the Mary Tyler Moore statue was erected there and I was going to be cheeky and drape my quilt over her and take a pic. I grew up watching the show and just loved Mary. I loved she had a cool apartment with funny friends and she gave hope to women living on their own and making a living. I always loved the opening of the show when she threw her hat up in the air and the song "We're Gonna Make it After All" would be playing. Just as I was reminiscing, I thought about tomorrow... the day our country will swear in a new President with many hopes and dreams that many, many Americans hold dear within their hearts. Tomorrow is a great day, a day of optimism for a great new future. President- elect Obama, I pray for the courage you have and can only hope that nothing will hold back your visions to make us a whole nation once again. I look forward to this new beginning...because....WE GONNA MAKE IT AFTER ALL !!!


karenfae said...

I loved Mary Tyler Moore show also - I did not know there was a statue for her - how cute! Also I agree with all you say about Obama - how wonderful to have a new president that gives us new visions for the future - it will take awhile to straighten out all this mess, hopefully in another year or two things will be looking a lot better.

Stefani said...

Another Mary Tyler Moore fan here! When I saw the title of your post, though, the first thing that came to mind though was, "Ohhhh Rob!" - from The Dick Van Dyke Show. Yeah, I'm that old.

And today, Inauguration Day? Oh happy day!!

Linda M. Poole said...

Hi there Karen,
I didn't know there was a statue either until I mentioned that the MTM show was taken place there and then someone told me about the statue!!!! Cool huh? :-)

queenopearls said...

Oh yes, Linda, we ARE going to make it after all. What a wonderful post and memory you brought back.
Thank you for your circle tutorial as well.

Linda M. Poole said...

Stefani...I sure do remember the Dick Can Dyke show.....I loved it!!!

Christina, You are welcome for the memory and the tutorial too! Come back and visit!

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