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February 13, 2009

Peek into my classrooms, Color Fix, Fun Pic

A Peek into my Classrooms:
So here we are in Houston at the Int'l Quilt Festival. One of the 5 classes I taught was The Bee's Knees. We haven't gotten to appliqueing the Honey Bees onto the quilt top just yet. It's a pretty little pattern with a Bee hive and honey bees appliqued on top of the traditional
Honey bee" block....a very fun class as you can tell by the smiles. The class was filled and it was fun to see all the different variations of fabrics picked for the beehive and the background. This pattern is also available for purchase by emailing me.

And here we are in Memphis, TN where I taught at a retreat.The girls were great! When I entered the facility, they all had T-shirts on with a postcard that said "Poole Party"....and a fantastic party it was! This class is called "The Dragonfly" and once again, the colorful fabric made these winged beauties pop off the quilt top.

You too can take these classes, just look at my website and see if I'll be in your area or your quilt guild program chair can hire me for your guild's program!

Your Color Fix for Today:

Fun Pic for Today: One of my passions is taking pictures and what better way to share them than post them here for you to see!
And something to make you smile:

Sometimes when you're not looking, a perfect photo opportunity lies right in front of you. I took this photo in Mystic Seaport, CT. I just loved the slogan "Life is Good" coupled with the flat tire.


Tyanne said...

Linda, I love your photos.. Great colors. They really grab your eye. The dragonfly class looks like a lot of fun. If you are ever teaching it in my neck of the wood (MN) let me know.

Linda M. Poole said...

Thanks Ty! I am a color junkie and just love sharing neat things I find that are super colorful. I hope the colors uplift people enough to get the energy to create! Are you in a quilt guild? If so, I can forward a class booklet...I would love to meet you!

Marihet said...

Linda your classes look such fun! maybe you can come to South Africa one day!
I love reading your articles

ooglebloops said...

I remember seeing one of your applique quilts at a show years ago in Wiiliamsburg, I think - it was fabulous - I just made the connection on FB that you are that same Linda Poole!!! Love your blog!!!

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