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February 18, 2009

Balconies into Quilts;Your Color fix of the Day

Modena; An Italian Balcony
I've mentioned in a past blog how I love to take pics of balconies. This is the table runner I made from a balcony picture taken in Modena, Italy. It's one of my popular classes! I am obsessed with bias tape, so crazy for it that I began experimenting with it. I wanted to make quilts that didn't look like stained glass, but more of a way to use bias tape to enhance the edges of your applique. After making a few pieces, I decided to write my second book; Bended Bias to Applique and coined the phrase "Bended Bias". The above quilt can be used as a table runner or a wall hanging, and to extend the ends, all that is needed is to repeat the pattern minus the center,on each end.
This is one of my students pieces in progress. The class is exciting because no two look alike and the color combinations are endless. This is a great way to use novelty fabrics or that beautiful fabric you were afraid to cut because you didn't know how to use it.
Here we are auditioning what would be a fitting background to lay our center bias tape work on. The bias tape can be hand appliqued,embroidered by using a blanket stitch, machine appliqued by using the blind hem stitch or what looks really great is using those pretty decorative stitches your sewing machine has!

My cousins in Northern Italy own a trattoria that has been in our family (Capitello Della Coca) on top of a mountain in Castelgomberto.(The Pumpkin Gnocchi's are to die for). Mom and I wanted to make a wall hanging for them as they were celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the restaurant. We decided to use my pattern. Since they make their own wine and olive oil too, we found a beautiful novelty fabric in the perfect colors we wanted that had oil and vinegar bottle,s and of course "vino". To top it off, I found a pretty font and photo transferred it, appliqued and edged it in more "Bended Bias" tape. Mom found some nice wire thingies to attach to a dowel and off it went to Italy. They loved it and it now hangs in the main dining room of their trattoria!

Your Color Fix For Today


ooglebloops said...

Love your wall hanging and those color 'fixes"!!! Also LOVE gnocchis (even tho I don't know how to pronounce it correctly!!LOL)Pumpkin sounds interesting!!

Linda M. Poole said...

I LOVE the color fixes too! I have alot of fun finding them and sharing them. Gnocchi's ROCK!Thanks for stopping by.

Jaye said...

The color fixes are great! I really like your bias tape idea.

Lynda Lehmann said...

The balcony is a great idea for sources! I noticed a lot of interesting decorations and motifs when we were in Italy. The balconies had loads of stories to tell, about those who lived behind them.

I admire your skills. Other than simple hems, the last time I sewed anything was when I was 13!

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