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January 27, 2009

Meet my assistant Zoie-More Patchwork Furniture-Patchwork Barns

Hi! I'm Zoie! I thought it was time mom introduced me to you so I told her that since I'm gonna be her right hand #1 assistant in the sewing studio,and it was time you all got to know me. I was born on September 17, 2008, only 2 days after mom's birthday. She told me we could have a big birthday party together and I would get presents. She told me I am a Virgo just like her. What's a Virgo? I'm a Corgi, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi not a Virgo. I'm kinda a little dog, but not really with very short legs. I heard mom tell me that I am gonna get 12" high and about 20 " long. I love her sewing room. There is soooo much stuff to see, taste and drag around. Mom is always chasing me to get things back. I just think she wants to play with me, so I keep dragging stuff out so she chases me and then I get to run and make her laugh. You'll be seeing me here on her blog every so often. It's only fair that you know my side of things and I promise to tell you what she's up to. I'm really smart and pay attention to everything, so if she forgets to tell you the good stuff....I will!
I am really doing good at "steps" now. Mom stands there cheering me on and I get so happy because she gives me treats for doing this stuff. I got so good at going up the steps that i tried really hard at going down them. When I did mom jumped up and down and then I jumped up and down too and then can you believe this...I got another treat for that. I like learning new stuff! I like being told I am the best little girl in the whole wide world.

Mom gave me this great ducky toy that I love soooo very much. It's kinda hard to drag around cause the ducky body is about as big as my head.Mom told me I would grow into my head.
Believe me when I tell you that I really do own more than just this one blue toy. I have ALOT of toys, great toys, the best toys in the whole world, but I like to drag them out of my crib and throw them all over the place.


The other day I showed you those amazing patchwork egg chairs and today I found this awesome overstuffed patchwork chair. It would go perfect in my sewing studio...if I had the room! This beautiful chair is designed by the Squint. The squint comes from London UK. They redesign old, antique furniture by upholstering them in colorful vintage fabrics.

**Patchwork Designs on Barns**

I can't tell you how many times I find really cool stuff on my travels when I am driving to a guild to teach and lecture, or when a guild member takes me on a tour of their area I am visiting. One of the things I find most fascinating are all the barns with traditional quilt blocks painted on them. As I researched them a little further I found that the folks at "American Style" magazine say there is a trend of these patchwork squares popping up on historic barns all over the USA. (YAY!!!) There seems to currently be a grassroots movement of colorfully painted quilt motifs appearing on barns throughout eastern Kentucky. The state arts organizations are now working to help organize this effort in hopes of driving tourism to these rural areas. If you really want to see some amazing barn quilts from Kentucky,Illinois, Indiana, Iowa,Tennessee and West Virginia....well then go to this link and have some fun! Be sure to read the two articles on Quilt Barns, it makes fascinating reading. Oh! And while you're at it, please read this wonderful newspaper article on how "Barn Quilts Blanket State"


Anonymous said...

I LOVE that egg chair!! The shape and the fabric!!! I wonder if I should attempt that on one of my old chairs!!!!

karenfae said...

it is great to see the quilts on barns isn't it. We saw some last year and the year before when we were traveling though Iowa and another travel over in Ohio I believe it was.
Love the little dog!

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