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January 30, 2009

The Inspiration behind the Quilt, My first Blog Award, Color Fix of Today

The Inspiration Behind the Quilt

I thought you may be interested in what inspired me to make the "cover quilt" for my first book Turkish Delights to Applique. On my first trip to Turkey, I was overwhelmed by the amazing Iznik Tiles I saw everywhere from the Ottoman Empire Days. These tiles became a focus of my study for the next visits back to Turkey and my sketchpad came with me as well as alot of film. These tiles have withstood centuries of earthquakes as you can see in the picture. I loved the medallion designs and the "tulip era" floral artwork of them. I instantly named this quilt Mediterranean Medallion for my love of the medallion shapes. I have alot of the history and abundance of slides in my popwer point show lectures that I give Quilt Guilds. I am sure many of you have seen it already and we all now appreciate the fact to open our eyes a little wider when
we travel in order not to miss so many design elements. Turkish Delights is now "sold out" in print... BUT so many of you requested it back that it is now on CD which you can order on my website. I love Book CD's because you have a whole book on your computer and you can now print out all the patterns on your printer! Hope you enjoyed this little peek into why and how I create some of my quilts!!! ~Linda

WOW! I received my first blog award!!!
I was given the "Honest Scrap" Award by nanabarb and was told that I need to reveal 10 honest things that I've never told before and to list 5 of my addictions to receive it. Hmmm, and I'm supposed to do that on the internet??? Ok then, here it goes:
1. I have cut my fabric with paper scissors (YIKES)
2. I have cut my paper with fabric scissors (Oh the horrors!!!!)
3. I have 9 pairs of reading glasses cause I keep losing them, then finding them
4. I stink at text messaging
5. My first book I wrote, I forgot to make a backup and lost alot of it and had to rewrite. :-(
6. I own more books than I've read
7. I color my hair (I'm sure you know that though!)
8. I own 3 sizes of clothes.....just in case
9. I've nibbled a dog biscuit to see what it tastes like
10. I can combine 2 languages in one sentence and my mom knows what I said!!!

~My Addictions~ 1.Ice cream 2. Gadgets 3. My computer 4. Applique hands down 5. Blogs

So nanabarb, did I pass??? :-)

Your Color Fix for Today

Here's some color for you today to help wake up some creative energy inside of you!


sewkalico said...

I am so impressed by your love of Iznik tiles. I have the same love for them and for Turkey. My previous job opened my eyes to the beauty of Turkey, Persia etc... what a rich history of design these amazing places have.

Anonymous said...

You sure know how to give a color fix. It is even better than a chocolate fix. I'm sorry the book is out of print. I am too scared to try your intricate patterns but the book would have been a fun read.

Linda M. Poole said...

sewkalico...I am so happy you have seen these beautiful tiles too!! Bet it brought back memories for you.

Violette.....I LOVE color and I am so happy you loved the color fixes too! The book is out of print, but it is in a Book Cd,,,,,lots of beauty for you and your computer screen. Absolutely no need to fear these patterns. The way I teach and wrote the book is so ANYONE can attempt and achieve this. Everything is broken down into single units before they are appliqued!!! I know you can do it, I know it!

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