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June 27, 2014

Lots happening in my world!

 I have been blessed with lots of work this year and for that I am grateful. Being self employed as a traveling quilt instructor and lecturer takes alot of preparation and work, but I always say that it is better to be busy and loving what you do rather than doing something that doesn't bring happiness to you.

Early March I was blessed once again with another Grandchild, this time a little boy, so having a little granddaughter Gabriella who just graduated preschool and grandson Dante is double the joy!

Lots of exciting things about to happen on the horizon.

And now for your 
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Wanda said...

Wow! First Comment! I would love to attend your workshops and will have to see if I can work in the one in September by going down early to my Mom's. I was already planning to spend a day or two in Effingham visiting my dad's twin sister around that time, so will have to see if I can juggle my schedule. Would love to go on the Alaska cruise as they are awesome. We did the inside passage last summer and it was a trip of a lifetime. We plan to be traveling across the US next summer so will not be in state to join you on that one. I wish all who do go a wonderful time.

Linda Poole said...

Ohhh how I would love to meet you and take our workshop with us!!!! You are always so kind on positive on Facebook and it's so nice to see you here. Of course I would have loved you on the cruise, but if not, you can always share the link to it for us!!!! (((hugs))) Wanda!

Jodi said...

Love ThE Cruise Idea HopE To Get A Class With You Soon.

Linda Poole said...

Jodi, It's gonna be an awesome cruise! I too, hope to have you in one of my workshops one day! :-)

Jaye said...

I am so thrilled for you! You have so much that is positive going on that it makes me really happy!

Linda Poole said...

Jaye!!!!!! Good to see you here!!! So many great things have been happening and thank you so much for telling me me you are happy for me! That means so much to me my friend! (((hugs)))

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