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August 2, 2011

Happiness is...Elegant Hearts, I Belive in Pink,Your color fix

...finally getting back to blogging after a 6 month hiatus.

I can't believe it has been six months, but being the kind folks you are, I knew you would understand and I thank you for that. A much needed break brought all kinds of wonderful things to my life and that means I have much much to share, but of course, not in one blog posting.
I have picked up my paintbrushes once again and have put color to the paper and canvases. 
My first attempt at painting a watercolor portrait was of my little grand baby Gabriella, who by the way is growing so quickly.

Magazine writing was next on my "To Do List"

"Elegant Hearts" 
AQS (American Quilters Society) magazine,Jan 2011 issue
I have always wanted appliquers to have a choice. The choice to take one single applique design and twist and turn them till they create new designs.
It can become quite addictive.
The very cool thing AQS did was ask if I would allow the design to be in 
EQ (Electric Quilt)
Absolutely. Here is the link: Linda M Poole's design in Electric Quilt

Next magazine up is McCall's Quilting
Issue Sept/Oct 2011
(It's out right now)
This article and quilt was a joint effort with friend Charlotte Angotti. We like to call it a 2 person quilt. A little different than the traditional round robin. Charlotte is a piecer (yes, she can applique too) and I am the appliquer (and yes, I can piece), but we did what we loved. Charlotte did all the piecing without me knowing what she would send and then I mulled it over a few days, ok a couple of weeks and then I did the applique and quilting.
We both love the color pink, so the name "I Believe in Pink" is playful and fun. The magazine has the piecing and instructions and then McCall's did a website exclusive for the applique with all my photographic step-by-step tutorial. 
That made me very happy!
As you can see I have been busy.

I have decided to teach "Elegant Hearts in my workshops since so many people have asked about it. I have also decided to simultaneously teach hand and machine applique in my classes. It has gone smoothly. I wanted to accommodate both, not eliminated a group 
for not wanting to do one or the another.

I have also been photographing like a mad woman. My sweetie bought me a fabulous camera.  
A Canon Rebel T2i.
It's a learning curve and very different from the point and shoot cameras Sometimes I have to remember to focus the camera.

Yes, it is a bit pricey and I usually never get big gifts like this, but it was for one of my "big" birthdays late last year. Thank you honey!

I LOVE getting suprise emails. Especially from past students who have decided not to have another UFO in the closet and finished their class project. Betty Lewis from central PA emailed me her quilt from "The Wild Rose" class. Beautiful quilt Betty!

I applaud the maker of this quilt bug quilt. If you run across her, please let me know who she is. I want to put her name to this and would love to know how long this took. VW bugs have a special place in my heart. I had a blur on in my very early 20's!

Did you know my mom quilts too? Yep! Big congrats to my mom winning a blue ribbon at my quilt guild's quilt show this year! Her quilt's name: A Quiet Italian Village

So here I am...back to blogging. I had to hold back so many things I wanted to show and to tell, but that's for another day...not 6 months....most likely a couple weeks! Thanks everyone for your patience and emails asking 
where I was.


I hope to hear from you. It always brings a smile to my face when I get to read and share what you think.
OOPS...almost forgot....
If you are Facebook, I invite you to come join by Fan's where I post inspiration, motivation quilty/artsy stuff and anything creative! Hope to see you there


Anonymous said...

Thanks and welcome back... I missed your blog.

debby said...

Welcome back! You've been busy!

Wanda said...

Love the pic's. I bought the McCall's magazine today, and love the two person quilt.
Your quilts are very much like me. Also love the hair in the "Your Color Fix For Today."
I need to get EQ now, so I can play more with designing.
Welcome back to blog land.

Linda M. Poole said...

Thank you Maureen, Debby and Wanda.
Wanda, so happy you like the quilt. Do you have the AQS issue I mentioned?
Show the love and share this blog!!! :-)

Jackie said...

Thank goodness, I missed the colour fix! And I have that AQS magazine, and McCalls has a special place in my heart =)

Linda M. Poole said...

Thanks Jackie! I always remember your nice comments on the color fixes when I am posting them! :-)

Anonymous said...

Linda, I have never read your blog before, this is nice. I LOVE the color Fix. Have you unpacked from MAQ?

Linda M. Poole said...

Thanks anonomous!!! I am wondering who you are..perhaps one of my students at MAQ??? I sure am unpacked.....!

Carolyn in Kentucky said...

Linda, I just found this blog post. Welcome back to blog world, it is a joy to have your color fix once again. I love your Elegant Hearts design, I have the magazine, but have not opened it yet. Sunshine

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