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September 26, 2010

The SEAHORSES have swam into my home!!!! Yeeee Haaaa

I can't tell you my excitement when the bolts of my Seahorse Collection arrived here at my home. This collection is colorful and the feel of the fabric is soooooo smooth. It is beyond my wildest dreams to have so much design and colors in my hands right now. This is one of the rectangles in the panel. This particular painting I did is so romantic. Look at their entwined tales. Yes, seahorses mate for life.
I never skimp on details and when you click on the images, you will see so much of the color and inking I have done to produce a fun and whimsical image. I wanted to have inquisitive fishies swim up to this seahorse. The hair and body was so much fun to paint in.
I loved drawing the coral (I draw and paint everything by hand). When I design, I never have anything pre-planned. I just draw my seahorse outline and doodle away never knowing what the end result will look like.
 SEAHORSE PANEL 2328-600  This is the entire panel with so much for you to play with.
This seahorse was the very first one I designed and painted. There's alot of design going on in that body. If you applique, you can find all kinds of fun things to fussy cut!

I love to design little borders and this was truly a blast for me to draw and play with.
I am so pleased with the background blenders. The colors are super yummy, and I really mean this. SEAHORSE: Seafoam 2328-103,Orchid 2328-105, Blue 2328-117

These two backgrounds come in super light blue (on top) and a light green. Each of the fishies are are colorful and playful. I just let myself randomly draw flowing lines that became ocean vines and then drew in the fish to swim and play between them.SEAHORSE: Lt Blue 2328-207 and Lt Green 2328-203

And here they are together
We can't forget those superlicious blenders to go with this collection.

This is the SURF collection with the perfect colors to go with Seahorses.SEAHORSE Background:Sapphire 1917-317,Lt. Seafoam 203,Lake 603,Lt Grass 303, and Lt Grape 205
No ocean scene can be without an ocean floor and it comes in 3 colorways. this is the blue one. Here you can see my love for doodling

And the ocean floor in green. Oh how I loved doing the seashells and star fish

And the magenta ocean floor is delicious!

Ocean floors all together SEAHORSECoral Floor: Blue 307, Orchid 305 and Seafoam 303
The Seahorse toss is amazing! My friend Diann calls this seahorses, "Seahorses with personality". She was right on the mark because that is what I was going for. Something fun for a baby and of course adults!

The Seahorses Swimming toss comes in two colorways, a sea foam green 2328-403 and blue 2328-417 background
I couldn't forget the stripe!!!

I wish that the computer images could pop into your hand for a second. The colors are superb and I wish i could project that through these photographs. There is so much potential to do alot of stuff with the stripe. Not only do you get the seahorses, but that fun design in the stripe and stripes of the ocean floor. Fun! STRIPE 2328-500

You can find Seahorses online at and and many other places and at your quilt shops too. BUT...of course I carry the entire collection and if you order from me, I will sign your selvage! (Huge cheeky grin!) To order from me all you need to do is email me at, tell me what you would like and I will email you an invoice and we will go from there!
Linda M. Poole
(that's me!)
You can email me your order at
Order a yard of the panel and I'll sign your selvage (but you gotta tell me!)
1 Yard - $9.00
1/2 yard - $4.50
Fat quarter - $2.25
You can PayPal me by going to  
and using my email:
Shipping charges are based on the value of the merchandise being purchased. For orders being shipped within the United States, the standard shipping charges are as follows:
Purchases up to $10.00 $2.99
from 10.01 to 20.00   3.99
20.01 to 30.00   4.99
30.01 to 40.00   5.99
40.01 to 60.00   6.99
60.01 to 100.00   7.99
over 100.00   8.99

  •  Canadian Shipments:     The amount shown above plus $9.00
  •  Foreign Shipments:     The amount shown above plus $15.00

October 4th deadline is soon approaching for the Iridescence Contest to end....I am on pins and needles hoping upon hope that some of you will be entering. One never knows when they launch a contest if anyone will be if you have...let me know and I look forward to seeing and posting your creations up for the voting. The prizes are terrific.


Anonymous said...

I love, love love the new line!
What contest are you going to dream up now?


Anonymous said...

I love, love love the new line!
What contest are you going to dream up now?


Quilt Rat said...

Oh my GOSH!!!This line is completely FANTASTIC!! I just adore all of the "doodling" too.

BEAUTIFUL! No wonder you are excited!

Linda M. Poole said...

Thanks Teri!!! No contest with Seahorses as it is flying out the door and I was told there is not much left in the is popular!!!! :-)

Little QuiltRat....thank you sooooo much....the whole project was a blast!

Rosa Robichaud said...


I thought Iridescence was spectacular... and then you come out with THIS line?!?!??!

I LOVE bright, color saturated, cheerful fabric prints and yours hit a spot in my heart... *grin*

Congrats on this new line!!!


SewCalGal said...

Congratulations on your new panel and line of fabric. The panel is delightfully whimsical and I love the matching line of fabrics. Can't wait to see everyone creates with it. I invision some delightful quilt designs.


IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

I'm headed over to work on my challenge quilt now. Oh I see the prize....I'm going to have to work extra hard to be sure I win some of that beautiful fabric.

It is beautiful!!!! I'm fish person..I love water/fish/etc. themes. Next will you do a frog? I love frogs too!!


Brenda said...

I LOVE seahorses!!! And you have done them justice with your new fabric collection!! BEAUTIFUL!!! Now to get some home here with me so I can enjoy it even more!!! (now what to make, what to make, oh, what to make......???? lol!!!!)

Linda M. Poole said...

Awww thanks again girls!!!!
Brenda, did you need to order some??? ;-)

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