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March 16, 2010

My new fabric line SEAHORSES,Quilting Funny, Cool Quilty Stuff and Your Color Fix for Today

with Avlyn Fabrics

I am so thrilled to introduce you to my newest collection I designed for Avlyn Fabrics. Seahorses was so much fun to design, as I am a lover of colors and lots and lots of little intricate designs within the elements. You may of heard me yesterday talk about these two little seahorse with their tails entwined ( very romantic) on Pat Sloan's LIVE RADIO.
(You can listen to the most recent show by clicking here)

I have always referred to this little seahorse as my "hippy horse...guess it's the hair!!! )

So....if you are loving this so far....please ask your quilt shop to carry it. They can ask their rep, go to Avlyn's website OR direct them to my blog to see it! (Thank you)

Something that gets me highly motivated to doodle and draw is a blog I follow all the time. It is the brainstorm of Jaye Lapecht. Jay posts a word prompt every week and I would take those words and doodle out my ideas....geez...I have been ridiculously busy that I do need to get back on her site and do these word prompts ASAP. You don't HAVE TO can do anything, photos work too! Please give it a try. On the right side of my blog you will see a cute little cow icon, click it and it takes you to Jaye's blog!


Click on the vintage ad and it will take you to Millie's blog who posts some of the greatest vintage ads from our past

What a seriously great idea to do with those icky, gooey burned out irpns that some of us may have. If you give this a try, make sure to send me a pic so I can show the world!


Thank you as ever for stopping in to read my blog, or shall I say...LOOK at my blog since it's just full of colorful images, which for me, is what motivates me and gets my heart a fluttering! I would love to hear from you, so please do leave me a comment! Now it's off to Ohio and then AQS Lancaster to lecture and teach....hope I see you there! - Linda


Jenny said...

WHat fabulous fabric - I would love some of that - and some lovely colours!

Jaye said...

Thanks for the shoutout for the Creative Prompt Project. Your interested readers can find it at For more specifics go to

Drawing isn't required. You can take photos, use your kids crayons, doodle on your meeting agenda from work-anything. The point is to develop a creative habit. Come join in. Linda was one of the first to post a doodle. You can see one of her early ones at: She supported me from the beginning and did the very first one! Check the comments for a link to her CPP response!

Jaye said...

PS I am really pleased about your new fabric collection. Nice work! I can't wait to see it in person.

Jaye said...

PSS I'd love to see the background fabric expanded to include MANY more colors. I think you should suggest to Avlyn that that be sort of a basics line that you can add to every year with different colors. I love the swirls in it. I need some hot pinks and turquoises! ;-)

Amy said...

The seahorses are so cute!

Jodi said...

I love the seahorses and the go with fabrics too!!!

Jodi said...

Love your new seahorses and the go with fabrics too!!

Blue said...

Gee, Linda, I haven't had my hands on your dragonflies and now you have seahorses! They are lush. Next month I hope to get dragonflies. I'm so proud of you!

patrick said...

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FLO_rancher said...

Our quilt guild does a monthly art quilt project inspired by a word last item this year. This month is sunglasses>which led me to the sun and Molas, Molitas made by the Kuna Indians of Panama.Reverse applique looks so interested. Not many of our guild members have been inspired to create, which is sad for design is so rewarding..I am a doodler also, so many ideas and so little time.
Sew Peacefully your images you share wake up the imagination to create. Thank you

Linda M. Poole said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you everyone!

shelly beth grappe said...

I usually work with hand dyes and silks and wool and batiks and create my own fabric and motifs but girl this stuff is great!!! I gotta see/touch/but some soon. I feel some collage work coming on!!!Which will be way hard as I live 200 miles from the nearest quilt shop..but I will find it! Whimsy with out it!
shelly beth grappe

Linda M. Poole said...

Thank you Shelly! There are alot of shops that also have online shops. comes to mind. Spread the word about Seahorses by Avlyn and hopefully more shops will carry it!
Hugs, Linda

Jan said...

OMG, this fabirc is BEAUTIFUL. I am just finishing the remodel on my bathroom and the theme is seahorses. I can't wait to take this fabric and use it in there. My shower curtain is going to be awesome.

Cat said...

I so want this, reminds me of Patrick Woodruff.

Jaye said...

Just finished listening to your interview with Pat Sloan. WOW! You are a great interviewee! I really mean it. You talked the whole time. she didn't have to prompt you continuously. What you said was interesting. You sound exactly like I imagined, too! I also loved it that you asked Pat questions! Awesome! You have to get on some other shows or do a podcast of your own. ;-)
Thank you, again, so much for the shout-out! I really appreciate it.

Lisa ONeill said...

Hi Linda
Saw your post at my blog and wanted to check out your blog - love it; and, love your new fabric! It is beautiful - fantastic job. Added you to my reader and will add to my blog's blog list.

ewecan said...

Love the irons. Just listened to a newscast about seahorses and how their numbers are falling in the wild. Hopefully that can be reversed and that we can continue to find them in the wild and not just on fabric. By the way, I think the fabric is fabulous.

Anonymous said...

Wow!!!I just found your Iridescence line and now the Seahorses. Spectacular. I love the colors, designs, and themes. Thank you for adding more color to my world. I will be getting the dragonfly quilt soon and can hardly wiat for the SeaHorses.

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